Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Technical Difficulties

My Bloglines haven't been working well for about the past week. Its been driving me kkkkraaazzzy! Some blogs I have in the reader are working just fine, others update days after someone adds a new post, and some haven't been updating for a whole week.

So, I am moving. Moving all the blogs I read over to Google Reader. So bear with me for a little while in regards to comments while I get everything all switched around. This is hard work people!! ha ha.

Also, Wendy just posted about needing to update her blogroll, which reminded me I haven't done that in a while. Sooooooo, if you think your lovely name should be over in my sidebar, just leave me a comment!



Wendy said...

You'll love Google Reader! It's sooo much better:)

Golightly said...

I have really been happy with Google reader, even though I'm still behind with reading and commenting. As for my blog roll - SO OUTDATED! Some day I'll tackle that task.

Heidi said...

My bloglines is a little nutty too. Usually I just do it the oldfashion "favorites" way. I know big waste of time, but I am just old school like that.

Donna said...

I would love to be on your good reads list!