Friday, November 30, 2007

End of the Week

Nothing too exciting went on this week. Gavin was back in school after the Thanksgiving holiday. He told me Monday night that he really loves going to school. After I told him that was a good thing to love school he told me that he was going to love school forever! And I thought, yeah right, give it a couple of years kid!! But for right now I am so happy that he enjoys it. I pack his lunch everyday except for Fridays. Friday is a big deal to him. First off, he gets to wear his school t-shirt. All the grades have a contest each Friday to see who has the most school spirit. You can show spirit by wearing the school tshirt or wearing the school colors. The winner gets a very big statue of 3 swimming dolphins ( the school mascot ) to put outside the class door for 1 week. Fridays Gavin also gets to buy school lunch with the rest of his friends. Friday they serve pizza and it is a special treat for him. Today when I picked him up from school I was happy to see that his class had won the dolphin! Woo hoo! This is only their 2nd time winning to Gavin was really excited. He also told me that instead of pizza for lunch he chose the pancakes and eggs. What ?!? I thought that was pretty strange, but at least he ate!

We have a full weekend ahead of us! Gavin starts Tball tomorrow. Gavin and I are both sooo excited. His team name is the Indians and he thinks that is pretty cool. This will be his first practice and he will get the schedule and uniform then.
We are also getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and putting up the Christmas lights when Ken gets home from work.

Check back Monday for the weekend recap! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Deck The Blogs

Head on over to the Contest Hotel to check out their new anti-contest!!

Welcome to Deck the Blogs, Stacey's and Marie's first ever joint holiday anti-contest! We're challenging bloggers everywhere to get into the Christmas spirit and decorate your blogs like they've never been decorated before (and maybe that's a good thing)! Don't know how? It's a great time to learn.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

8 Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged! Sherry from Everything Moms tagged me to list 8 Random Facts about Me!

Instructions: When tagged, you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list, then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

Ok here it goes:

1. I have 2 beautiful children and 1 beautiful stepdaughter
2. I LOVE sushi
3. I am a night owl. I am usually up until around midnight
4. I wear contacts
5. I wear makeup EVERY day, no matter what
6. I have never broken a bone
7. I took German in high school
8. I LOVE blogging

Now for my tags. I am new to blogging so I am not sure I have 8 people to tag, but I wil try.
Tiffanie, Katie, Donna , Sarah , Ellen .
Sorry thats all I got! have fun with it everyone!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Got Dirt ???

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

Aaaaahhh, so many tackles so little time! The fridge needs to be cleaned out, closets need to be organized, and the laundry is a horrible horrible mess. I am only going to pick one and today will be laundry day. The tackle for me is not only to wash and dry it, but to actually put it away!! So my laundry list for today is: Katelyns laundry, Gavin's laundry, and the 2-3 loads of sheets and towels that need to be done. Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Recap

Better late than never to post the weekend recap.
Ken took the day off on Black Friday, and thank goodness since I was still sick. I am so happy that he was able to spend the WHOLE DAY with the kids. The past couple of weeks have been super hectic for him at work and he was putting in some really long hours. Gavin and Katelyn have really been missing him.
Gavin's all time favorite thing to do with daddy is the playstation. They spent a great deal of time Friday playing madden football. Katelyn would come in periodically and sit on Ken's lap and watch them play.
Sunday was a special day since we got to celebrate Danyelle's 13th birthday. We all went to church in the morning and brought Alexis, Danyelle's friend. Katelyn is getting much better at going into the nursery. This time she put her arms out to the lady in the nursery but then cried when she realized I was leaving. Breaks my heart!! When the service was over and we picked up Katelyn they said she played the whole time with the other babies.
From there we headed over to my in laws for lunch. Grammie set Danyelle and Alexis up with a cute Santa craft before lunch was ready. After lunch we had cookie cake for Danyelle and opened presents. Such a fun time.
Then home to get ready for the coming week. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Other than myself having a bad bad case of the flu, Thanksgiving was a great day. We spent the morning sleeping in before we headed over to my mother in laws for turkey. Since I was sick I didn't eat there, but took some yummy food home for when I was feeling better. Gavin and Katelyn had a wonderful time playing with Chris and Ryan.

All week I have reminding Gavin that Thanksgiving was coming and to think about what he is thankful for. I told him things I was thankful for: him, Katelyn, Daddy, Jesus, pretty skies, and cupcakes. Today after a great deal of thinking Gavin told me he was thankful for Ryan, his cousin. Well that's cute, I guess, but I was kinda hoping he would say, I am thankful for you Mommy. Maybe next year!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Cooking

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Ok, my tackle for the week was my spice cabinet. I usually clean this out every six months or so- and boy was it time!! The cabinet was a horrible mess with things just being thrown in and boxes even laying on their sides. Sorry, no before pic, but I do have the after! Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Wooohoo!! Gavin is all better. Thank goodness. I was getting pretty darn tired of running to the bathroom with him to either vomit or, well, you know! So all is back to normal in our house.

Today was Gavin's first day of vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday. He was pretty excited to be home from school to be with me while I babysat Ethan. Gavin loves kids and babies. He wants to help me do everything for Ethan, which is just super cute. I had Ethan laying on the floor this afternoon and Gavin laid down too. I hear Gavin say, "Ethan, please stop kicking me. Ethan, I asked you nicely to please stop kicking me." Poor Ethan is just 3 months old and has no idea what the heck Gavin is saying to him!!
And Katelyn? Well Katelyn is her usual self. She loves loves loves to dance now. Gavin recently gave her his old wiggles dance mat. She has it in her room and gets a great kick out of it. She stomps all over the mat to hear the different songs and bounces up and down. Danyelle also taught her how to throw her arms up in the air over her head when she dances, so that is part of her routine also. So at many times during the day I will hear the wiggles singing from Katelyns room and hear her laughing as she dances her heart away. And I love love love it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Recap

UGHHH!!! Not much of a weekend recap this time. Gavin has been sick ALL WEEKEND. It started around 2am Friday morning with him vomiting all over. Yes, all over. My bed, my floor, the bathroom, himself, and lets not forget me getting splashed with it. This vomit fest continued all day Friday and Saturday. Finally around 4 on Saturday he was keeping food and liquids down.
But the fun continued on Sunday. No, no more vomit, just the other stuff. Yep, diarrhea. All day Sunday the poor kid kept running to the bathroom. Hopefully Monday is better.
But with all that happening Gavin was still in good spirits. Katelyn so far is not sick. Both kids played on the porch on Saturday going in and out of Gavins Thomas tent. The weather was good and I was happy I could open the windows.
And that is about it! Hope everyone else had a better weekend than we did!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Big Thank You!

Just wanted to extend a big thank you to Classy Mommy and Happy Panda for the wonderful cyber baby shower! By playing the baby shower games I won a gift card from the online store- Tiny Prints. I am so excited!!! So watch out everyone, you will probably get my smiling face in the mail this year on our Christmas cards! Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wordless Wednesday-Good Morning Sunshine!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ornament Exchange

An Island Life is hosting a Christmas Ornament Exchange. Doesn't that sound like fun to swap ornaments with your bloggy friends? Sign up before Thanksgiving to be paired up with someone. Click the button to head on over!!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is my hall closet, top and bottom:

It drives me crazy to even open the door and have to look for something. This will be my tackle for today. I want to be able to actually see all the pairs of shoes that are on the bottom and not have things fall on me from the top when I open the door. My ultimate goal would be for the vacuum to fit in there again- yeah right!!

Have a great Tackle everyone!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Recap

It was such a great fall weekend. Friday night started with Gavin, Katelyn, and I going up to our church's Fall Bazaar. The sale started on Saturday but Friday night was the sneak peak. Am I glad I went!! We were there for about 2 hours and I could have stayed longer but Katelyn was about sick of her stroller. Listen to all of my great finds: A near mint condition booster seat for Katelyn ( we needed one at my dads house), place mats for my dining room table, about 20 baby hangers ( who doesn't need those?), a Dino Thunder Power Ranger Mask for Gavin, a Pirates of the Caribbean alarm clock for my brother, 2 pirate swords for Gavin, some sort of Spider Man flying contraption for Gavin, and books. Let me tell you about the books. We made out with about 30 childrens books for a quarter a piece. Great books in excellent condition too.

Saturday the kids spend a great deal of time playing outside in the beautiful weather. That night we headed up to our rec center where they were hosting a "S'More FUN" night. They had a huge campfire going and had everything ready for the kids to make smores. Yummy! They also had hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and caramel apples. They had a table set up for the kids to make Thanksgiving picture frames. We ended the night with a hayride around the lake. We brought my nephew Chris along for the fun. Danyelle, Gavin, Katelyn, and Chris had a great time.

Sunday we headed out to enjoy Busch Gardens. This was Katelyns first time there. She got into line with Gavin and Danyelle to get on the egg ride. Its just a mini ferris wheel made out of dinosaur eggs. But of course Little Miss Katelyn gave big sis Danyelle such a hard time. She kept trying to cut in line and leave the line. Quite comical for me to watch.

They finally got on the ride and Katelyn enjoyed it very much. After that Grammie and Danyelle took Katelyn on the merry-go-round. She was done with rides after that. The big kids had a great time on the ropes with even bigger kid Ken. We didnt stay too long, just long enough to have some great fun.

Hope everyone has a great week!

P.S. Thanks to Danyelle for helping me with links and html!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Good Morning!

I love getting my kids out of bed in the morning. They are warm and snuggly and have cute sleepy eyes. This morning was no different. I went into Gavin's room and sat next to him on the bed--Good Morning Gavin- I said. I bent over to give him a nice hug. Unfortunately he sat up at the same time and his head hit me in the nose. It hurt BAD! Next thing I know, blood was pouring out of my nose. That's what you want right, a bloody nose first thing in the morning. Ok, now, are you ready for the punch line? Love Hurts! Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Swing Set

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
My tackle for today will be to get my butt in gear and wrap all the packages I have to take to the post office. I have been avoiding doing this for about a week and a half now. I am babysitting Ethan today, so between him and Katelyn I don't always have alot of time. I am still trying to get both of them to take naps at the same time, but so far no luck. I am crossing my fingers for today. Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, November 5, 2007

A Bloggy Christmas

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A new contest at Oh Amanda. Check it out!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Recap

We didn't do a whole lot this weekend. The calm before the storm of the rush of the holidays.
Friday night Danyelle went out with her friend Alexis and Gavin went out for dessert with my mom- yummy cheesecake.
Saturday morning finally brought us the cooler weather I have been praying for for weeks now. I opened up all the windows to let the breeze in and it was wonderful. We all pretty much spent the day at home with each other. Ken made us a wonderful dinner of homemade french onion soup, sauteed asparagus, and cream cheese stuffed chicken. And of course leftover Halloween candy for dessert. I tried to keep the kids up super late on Saturday since we had to change the clocks back an hour. I wanted them to sleep in as late as possible. Did it work? NO!! Katelyn got up at 6am and Gavin followed at 630.
After Katelyn had her nap we headed over to Grammies for Sunday lunch. We spent the rest of the day at home with the kids playing and Ken watching football.
It getting dark so early did kinda freak me out though. I have been so used to it getting dark around 730 that I know that it is almost bedtime for Gavin and Katelyn. It really thru me off getting dark at 530.
So, that's it, our weekend. Hope everyone had a good one!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

We had such a great time this year!! Gavin was Darth Vader and Katelyn was Princess Leia.

We let Katelyn walk up to a couple of houses to trick or treat. Once she was at the door she would try to walk into the houses. Then she wouldnt leave. We let her do our whole block before she got put into her stroller. And she didnt wear her princess leia wig for very long either, just a couple of pictures.

But Gavin was a great sport and wore his mask and carried his red light saber the whole night. He even does a great job at mimickng the sound Darth Vader makes when he breathes.

Gavin's best buddy Austin joined us for the night. The both of them were super cute together. We made it around the whole neighborhood and got WAY too much candy. Cant wait for next year!!