Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Katelyn School Update

Katelyn's teacher sent home a big folder full of some of her schoolwork from the beginning of the year. In it was her "All About Me" paper. It has her name on it and her likes and dislikes.

Katelyn told the teacher that her "likes" were: crayons, pigs(?), flamingos, playing, riding her bike, and trees.

Her one and only dislike was--- Transformers.

And when I dropped her off at school this morning her regular teacher was not there. She had a sub teacher taking over the rest of the week and I was told her teacher is at home sick and would be back next week. And I'm pretty sure that is what was told to all the kids too because when she got in the car today, Katelyn said:

Mom, did you know teachers have homes?

And I said- Yes, I did know that, why?

Katelyn said: I didn't know they had homes to go to. I thought they lived at the school.

Yes, her mind was BLOWN that teachers don't live at school!!