Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Top 5

5. Friday afternoon started out wonderful. Ken stayed with Katelyn while I went and got a long overdue pedicure. Then I went shopping all. by. myself. There is nothing like getting out by yourself for some much needed mommy recharging. Little did I know, I was going to need it. When I picked Gavin up from school he told me he didn't eat lunch because his stomach hurt. A quick check to his forehead proved he was burning up with a fever. Of course I felt horrible for him that he sat in school not feeling well and told him from now on he can go to the nurses office.

I gave him Tylenol when we got home and he rested on the couch. I could tell when the fever went down because he hopped up and wanted to play. But around 7pm the fever was back and so were the stomach pains.

Is it selfish of me to say I was kinda enjoying this? Not that he was sick and in pain, but I spent a whole hour sitting on the couch with my baby boy in my lap wanting to be held. I LOVED IT! Gosh I am horrible! By 830 he was racing to the bathroom to throw up. Nice. So we dealt with that for the rest of the night before he fell asleep.

2. Saturday we had plans to go to a BBQ about an hour away from us. Gavin woke up Saturday morning by running to the bathroom to vomit again. yeah, no BBQ for us. But, being the nice gal I am, I told DH to go without us. So it was just Gavin, Katelyn, and I for the day. Gavin spent most of the morning and afternoon resting and getting medicine. I made him lay down for a nap when Katelyn did. When we all woke up ( yes "we" ) Gavin was back to his normal self. He ate a bowl of cereal and kept it down. The fever never returned after that either. Whew!

Saturday night we got all set up to watch the Rays in the World Series. My babies made a cute little bed on the floor to watch it.

3. Sunday morning we were up bright and early for church. Gavin sang this morning in the choir. He sang in 2 services too. I have no pictures of this because all the ones I took of him he is giving me the evil eye. He was seriously so angry I was taking pictures. Jeez! Anyway, he sang wonderfully of course and Katelyn really enjoyed watching him. She kept pointing to him and saying " My Gavy, My Gavy".

4. Sunday afternoon I took Gavin to a birthday party for a friend of his from school. They had rented a bounce house / water slide. Good times!!

The bounce house had a basketball hoop inside. So Gavin got to spend time shooting hoops in the bounce house and then go down the water slide. They also had a pinata that took forever for the kids to break open.

And I had to take a picture of this.................

What the heck is that?? That is the most demented weird looking Spongebob I have ever seen! Looks a little evil to me!

5. Katelyn and Daddy washed the cars together Sunday evening. So cute to watch. She was so excited to be helping Daddy.

When I went inside to tell Gavin he could help wash cars, this is how I found him:

Exhausted from the day! I woke him up a little while later to eat dinner and shower.

That's it - our weekend.

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Alexismommy said...

Love the pic of them layin on the floor together, sooo cute!!! I'm glad he is feeling better!

Andrea said...

I know what you mean though...I hate it when my kids are sick, but I LOVE it that I can hold and cuddle them so much when they're sick!

Kristi said...

What a fun weekend. Noah sang in church yesterday too. I am hoping we don;t have a repeat of your #5 in our household this week. All the kids at Aaron's party yesterday were hacking away on each other...germs everywhere.

It's kind of fun to see pictures of your kids outside in the warm weather. We're supposed to get our first snow of the season this afternoon.

Thanks for keeping the Top five going. I just wanted to let you know though that the new site to link to is

I am hoping to shut down Music Mom of 2 by this weekend.

Have a great Monday

On The Verge said...

Looks like a great weekend. The spongebob scared me too!!

Happy2bme said...

Other than Gavin being sick it looks like you all had a very nice weekend!