Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Top 5

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5. Saturday afternoon we had tickets to the USF Bulls game in Tampa. My in-laws picked up Katelyn in the morning to watch her for the day. Katelyn was more than excited to get in their car and head off!! Around 11am Ken, Gavin, Danyelle, and I headed out to the game. I did face paint on both Gavin and Danyelle and as usual Gavin had to have his hair done green. He fits right in with the college crowd who paint thier faces and bodies!! The game was great and USF won. We arrived to pick Katelyn up and she didnt want to leave. She got to go out to lunch with Grammie and Grampie and grocery shopping. I'm sure she had a wonderful time with them without having all the other grandkids there.

4. The highlight of Saturday night was the anticipation of watching the Rays in Game 6 against the Red Sox. Boy, we were so disappointed that they lost! It was very nerve wracking to watch them loose again!!

3. Sunday morning Ken headed out to work for a couple of hours around 7am. I went outside to get the paper around 830 and got the shock of my life. The temperature had dropped overnight. It was probably around 65 degrees out. Todays high was supposed to be around 78. That makes a HUGE difference considering yesterday at the football game I was sweating! I immediately went inside and opened up all the windows to let the first cold air in for the season. But in true Florida fashion, the temperature will be back in the high 80's by the middle of the week :(

2. Sunday afternoon I took Gavin up to the park to go to a birthday party for a friend from school. A couple of other boys were there from school too. The boys had a fun time chasing each other around the playground and playing whatever pretend games boys play. They had cake and presents and then it was off to more playing. The birthday boy received a football as a present and of course that was opened right up. The weather was still beautiful at the park and the breeze was so nice.

1. Tonight is Game 7 of the Rays vs the Red Sox. Hello??? Can we win this one already?? Right now as I am typing this the game is tied 1-1. Let's cross our fingers that they pull this one off tonight and head on to the World Series.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Kristi said...

I love the green hair. Noah colored two streaks of red into his hair a couple of weeks ago with non washable crayola marker. Now he wants to color it again. Our boys are just starting to get into watching and playing football. But around here we're all about Michigan (even though they're having a really bad year)

Thanks for playing Top Five

Alexismommy said...

Wow thats some green hair there Gavin! Im glad you had fun at the football game.

Miss you guys

Aunt Tiffany #2

Tiffany said...

Looks like the game was fun and yes, the Rays pulled it off!!!

Happy2bme said...

I am so exhausted today from staying up so late last night to watch all the coverage on the Rays winning!!

Anonymous said...

Now this is more like it i love weekend recap!!!!! i was hoping you would do it again this week. I love and miss you all sooooooo much!!