Thursday, November 18, 2010

Katelyn's 1st Field Trip

Katelyn had her first field trip last week with her pre-school. She woke up every morning last week and would say "Is this my field trip day?" And every day she would remind Gavin that she would be going on a field trip with her class. Oh yes, she was super excited.

We went to the Van Wezel hall in downtown right on the water. We saw a live performance of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

When we first got there we all waited outside for the everyone to get there and then all walked in to our seats. Katelyn was just beside herself seeing all of her friends outside of school!! Our seats were in the 3rd row right in the center so we could see the stage perfectly.
The play was really cute and Katelyn laughed the whole time. After the show we all went behind the building so the kids could have a snack.

After the snack the kids ran around in the grass and threw some rocks into the ocean. Then they all got together for a group shot.

Don't they all look so cute in their school T-shirts! Katelyn had wonderful time and is looking forward to the next field trip!!