Thursday, July 29, 2010

3 New Schools

With 6th grade came another new school. Middle School. WOW! Although my friends and I would be back at the bottom of the totum pole, I could not wait to get to middle school. The grown up place. I can remember the excitement of having a locker and having to switch classrooms for different subjects.

I also tried out for the junior varsity cheer leading team. I went to practices a couple of times a week before tryouts and was so happy when I made the team.

Unfortunately, during this time my parents decided they wanted to sell their business and move our family to Florida. So I never even got to cheer at any games.

Our house sold before the business did so we ended up moving in with my grandparents who lived about a half hour away. Which meant another new school for me. The closest school to my grandparents house turned out to be a really bad school and my brother and I went for about 4 days before my mom transferred us to a Catholic school about 15 minutes away.

I really loved the new school and all my new friends, which was good because I was really nervous about starting yet another new school. Our transition into living with my grandparents turned out really well too. My younger brother and sister shared a room and my bedroom was the enclosed back porch area. I loved staying back there, I felt like I had my own little apartment.

I really enjoyed my time living with my grandparents. We were there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and thru Easter. It was really special to be able to spend the holidays with them like that. My brother and I spend alot of our free time playing in the backyard and riding our bikes in the neighborhood.

By the end of the school year our restaurant had sold and we were ready to make our move to Florida. Which meant another new school for me when I started 7th grade.

***This is an auto - post. I am on vacation this week, so unfortunately I wont be able to blog hop this week***

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Best Lounge in Town ~

Friday, July 23, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Sleepovers, MTV, jelly bracelets, and jelly shoes. That's was what 5th grade was all about to me.

Music was a big part of my life in 5th grade. My friend Trina and I fought over who was going to marry John Taylor of Duran Duran. I had Michael Jackson and Madonna posters on my wall in my bedroom.

My wrists were covered in jelly bracelets and my clothes were usually neon in color. Oh my. And I got my first pair of Jordache jeans too. With the horse on the back pocket. And as my love for Madonna grew, I started wearing only black jelly bracelets like she did.

We had sleepovers almost every weekend between all the girls in my class. We would lay on pillows and blankets and watch MTV all night. I longed for the red jacket Michael Jackson wore in Thriller. Or Prince's long purple jacket.

5th grade was all about socializing with my girlfriends. I remember getting in trouble all the time for talking and my seat moved around the room. Oh, and bad notes on my report card saying I talk too much.

I also had my first boyfriend in 5th grade. His name was Scott and he was in a different class than me. But he lived about 5 houses away. He asked me out in a note that was delivered to me by his friend Mark. I said yes and our young little relationship began. We wrote notes back and forth and spent recess together. Eventually his friend Mark started going out with my friend Kim. And then it was the 4 of us. He gave me purple barrettes with my name on them and a purple heart bracelet too. And now to sound really corny--I still have all the notes and gifts he gave me. They are in a heart shaped container that had come with some stationary.
I am taking part in a 15 week series hosted by Mommy's Piggy Tales to record memories from our youth. To see more or join in yourself- click on over!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moving Right Along

Tennessee in 3 days!! Yep, vacation is getting closer and closer.

So far today I have packed Gavin and Katelyn's bags. They are zipped up and waiting by the front door. All the beach towels are washed and packed too in the beach bag, along with the sunscreen, goggles, and pool toys.

Next I am off to pack the medicines and toiletries bags.

Which then leaves...packing for Ken and I, cleaning out the car, and packing up the dry foods I have bought to take with us ( perishables will be bought when we get there ). Lets see, I also need to pack a bag with all of our jackets in it since it gets cold at the top of the mountains. EEEEEH, I am so excited!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not So ~ Wordless Wednesday

I guess the good news is my sister Gina is back in town. The bad news is why she is here. My dad was admitted to the hospital Saturday night. Shortness of breath and leg pain. I only just found out last night when I called him on his cell for him to dog sit for me when we are in Tennessee next week.

Imagine my surprise when he told me why he couldn't! I was in shock that he had been in the hospital that long without letting me or my sister know but he said he didn't want to bother or worry us. Sheesh.

Gavin, Katelyn and I headed up to the hospital this morning to visit for a couple of hours. He is on oxygen at the moment and has had a couple of breathing treatments. His right leg is swollen and has red blotchy patches on it. When I left they were going to be taking him for another chest xray and an ultrasound of his leg. Which all means as of right now the don't know what is wrong.

So far we are still scheduled to leave early Saturday morning for our vacation. Gina is staying with my dad when he gets released from the hospital ( whenever that may be ) to help him at home.

Any prayers for my dad's health would be greatly appreciated!!

As for me, I still feel like I have so much to do to get ready for our trip. The dog needs to go to the vet tomorrow for a shot, laundry needs to be done in order to be packed, songs downloaded to the Ipod to keep me entertained on the long drive, and I need to stop by the library sometime to pick up some books I ordered.

I also have to write my post for this week and next week for my Mommys Piggy Tales project. Make sure the camera is charged. Find the charger for the camcorder. Make sure all the bills are paid before we leave. Visit my dad again before we leave. ToNs of stuff I tell ya. LOL

Monday, July 19, 2010

Gavin's 8th Birthday ReCap

Gavin's 8th birthday was this past Saturday. Ken brought home Gavin some McDonald's for his birthday breakfast and then we opened up his presents.

We ate dinner at home and we all went up to Friendlys for some ice-cream. Gavin brought his friend Cody from our new neighborhood. The boys got a make-your-own-sundae that came with 3 little bowls of toppings for them to add themselves.

Sunday we went up to the Treasure Island Fun Center to celebrate with friends and family. The kids had a blast playing all the games and winning tickets to turn for prizes.

I bought the party package where each kid had an electronic wristband to scan in front of the games for unlimited playing. How cool is that???

The kids stopped playing games for a couple of minutes to enjoy some pizza.

After playing more games and opening presents it was time for cake. Gavin chose a Rays themed party and here is a pic of his cake:

And then it was time to turn in the tickets the kids got from some of the games and pick out their prizes. Here are the boys :

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Gavin!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Camping Trip in 4th Grade

At the end of 3rd grade my teacher recommeded I be placed in the gifted program for 4th grade. I was beyond excited. My 4th grade teacher would be Mrs. Atkins who only taught 4th grade gifted and everyone in the school knew about her. The rumor was she was BEYOND awesome and her class would be nothing but fun. And I could not wait to see.

Being in 4th grade was definately different than all the other grades. First of all, I started to develop REAL friendships with the girls in my class. I think that was probably the year everyone's maturity level went up one. My whole class was very close, boys included. I can honestly say I loved all the kids in it and everyone got along.

But the best part of all was Mrs. Atkins. She had a booming personality. She was fun, stern and loving all at the same time. She taught us to respect each other and respect ourselves. And best of all? At the end of the school year she took all of us camping. That's right, she took the whole class of students on a camping trip. The campground we stayed at had cabins. Boys in one and girls in the other. The bunk bed were triple high and I slept in the middle one. We went out on the lake in canoes and did arts and crafts. It was so fun to be in the cabin with all my friends at night. And of course playing tricks on the girls who fell asleep first.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Gavin

Thursday, July 8, 2010

3rd Grade Memories

In 3rd grade I started in another new school. We moved into a new house over the summer and I was zoned for a different school. This new school had an open floor plan. Its hard to describe. The building had 2 main hallways and the library was located in the center of the building with no walls just a couple of stairs down. All of the classrooms just had partians and no doors. It was really neat I remember.

I started learning geography in 3rd grade and I can remember having to memorize the states. This was also the year that being called on to read outloud was my biggest fear. I would sit in my chair PRAYING that my name wasnt called to read the next paragraph from whatever book we had opened.

Lets see, I was also flashed in 3rd grade and stabbed a kid with a pencil. Two different stories actually.

Our desks were arranged so that 2 kids were pushed next to each other. I didnt like the boy who sat next to me because he would always pull my hair and try to shove me out of my seat. I guess one day I had enough because I took my pencil and slammed it into his hand palm side up.

I remember him screaming, I remember blood, and I remember sitting in the principals office while they called my mother. I think I claimed self defense and I honestly do not remember getting into trouble for it.

As for the flashing. It was during story time. The whole class was sitting on the floor in front of the teacher who was reading to us. I was kinda at the back of the circle of kids. Off to my side I hear David S. ( yes I remember his last name but no it wont be printed LOL ) whisper to me "hey- look at this."

and when I turned and looked - there was his you know what staring at me from a hole in his jeans.

I said to him "Your gross and I'm telling." Which of course I did.

I am taking part in a 15 week series hosted by Mommy's Piggy Tales to record memories from our youth. To see more or join in yourself- click on over!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

We gave Gavin his birthday present a week early so he could enjoy it on the 4th of July with his friends.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Liki Tiki Weekend

We spent Father's Day / my birthday weekend at Liki Tiki Village just outside of Orlando.

This was the view from our room:

We overlooked the lake and could watch people paddle boat. The resort also had mini golf, tennis courts and a playground for the kids.

On our first evening there we headed straight for the pool. Gavin and Katelyn LOVED the pool area. Water flumes, water volcanoes and an octopus.

Katelyn went down the water slide once- that was enough for her. Gavin and Ken went down the double flumes countless times racing each other. And Danyelle? She sat by the side of the pool and texted her friends all evening.

After the pool we headed dback to the room for dinner. Our room was a one bedroom with a full kitchen so we ate all our meals there. The kids slept on the pull out couch in the living room. Gavin has never seen a pull out couch before and was seriously AMAZED by it.

After dinner we went to the little park on the lake. We had to cross over a cute little bridge.

Pics from the park:

And even Danyelle had a good time although she hid her face for the picture:

Once the mosquitoes started biting we headed back to our room. I thought we were in for the night, but Ken always has other ideas. Somewhere around 11pm Ken got the kids all worked up about going to get ice cream.

So off we went to Dennys. At 11. At night. I felt like I was 21 again LOL

Ice cream, strawberry shakes and apple pie a la mode. YUM!

We spent almost the whole day on Saturday at the pool area. This time Danyelle joined in on the water slides and raced Ken and Gavin down them. Katelyn spent her time in the kiddie area.

Gavin came over too right before we headed back to the room.

After a late lunch in the room we went to the mini golf course. It was terribly hot and Katelyn and I pooped out after a couple of holes.

That night we headed up to the outlet mall for some birthday shopping for me. Danyelle also hit a milestone and got to use her debit card for the first time at Forever 21. Which of course I documented :

Then after sleeping in on Sunday morning, we packed and headed home. This resort was so cute we will definitely be going there again!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gus, Danny Zuko, and A Cowgirl

I had my first crush in 2nd grade. His name was Gus. He had jet black hair and always wore plain white t-shirts. In the winter he came to school wearing a black leather jacket. Well, maybe it wasn't a "real" leather jacket but back in 2nd grade I thought it was.

I was also OBSESSED with the movie Grease in 2nd grade ( ok, not just in 2nd grade- but every grade ). So how could I not have a crush on Gus, who to me looked like this:

Oh, I love you Danny Zuko.

At our class Christmas party my teacher asked me and Gus to go get the juice for the party. The juice had been place out on a little terrace down the hallway. Since this was winter in Chicago keeping the juice outside meant it would be cold! As soon as we got outside and started putting the juice onto the cart to take back to the classroom Gus offered me that black leather jacket. Oh yes, yes he did. My heart was all aflutter as I put it on. I kept it on for the rest of the day and was so sad when he asked for it back. ****Sigh****

As for academics, I remember learning the months of the year and taking timed math tests. The timed tests were my favorite. I would try to beat my time from the week before.

For Halloween that year I was a cowgirl. I won the best costume for the 2nd grade. I can remember being quite shocked that I won. My cowgirl costume was cowboy boots, a denim skirt, pigtails, some sort of vest and a scarf around my neck.

My mom volunteered in my class for our Halloween party. She brought my little brother who was 3 years younger than me. I can remember being so proud to show him my desk and let him sit in it. Like it was some sort of privilege for him to sit at it. And he came dressed in his cowboy costume so we

I am taking part in a 15 week series hosted by Mommy's Piggy Tales to record memories from our youth. To see more or join in yourself- click on over!