Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Vacation ~ Arrival ~

We have arrived safe and sound to Gatlinburg. We left our house a little after 12:30 am and headed to Larry's to drop off the work computers. Then made a big old U Turn back to our house when I realized I had forgotten the camera cord and more importantly--- my CHI! So we finally got on the road about 1:30.

Gavin put the Transformers movie in the DVD player and Katelyn fell asleep about 1/2 later. My night owls Gavin and Danyelle stayed up and watched the whole movie before finally falling asleep.

We were in Georgia when I woke up around 7, the kids woke up around 9 and then we stopped for breakfast.

The rest of our drive was so pretty through the mountains. And don't ask how Ken got us here around 1130am, when I know it takes 12 hours to get here!!

So right now, we have checked in to our villa and are waiting for our room to be done. We are hanging out in the clubhouse. There is a pool table, video games, and a ping pong table. Ken, Gavin, and Danyelle are playing ping pong and Katelyn is trying to put a puzzle together between running up and down the stairs of this 3-story clubhouse. I cant even post the pictures I've taken so far because that darn cord that we went back for is somewhere in the back of the car right now! Pics and updates to come!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 7th Birthday Gavin

Happy 7th Birthday Gavin! My sweet little baby boy. I cannot believe 7 years has gone by since I first held you in my arms. I've watched you grow from a baby and toddler who needs me all the time to a very independent 7-year-old.

I absolutely love the little person that you have become. You have a huge heart and love your sisters more than words. And you tell them all the time. My day is almost always filled with hugs and kisses from you for no reason.

You have a true love for every singe sport and aren't afraid to try out new things. I love watching you discover new things and the happiness you get from each and every day.

You constantly surprise me every single day I spend with you. Whether it be eating sushi with me or explaining something about the computer to me. Every day is a gift that I have with you.

I've said Happy Birthday to you so many times throughout the years, but none of them can truly express how much I mean it.
I love you Gavin! Happy Birthday, Love Mommy

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guitar Hero ~ Nintendo DS ~ Review ~

The makers of Guitar Hero introduced Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits for the Nintendo DS system. The game features 28 songs, all radio-edits of modern rock hits from bands including Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Strokes, Sum 41, and Finger Eleven.

Since our house is big fans of Guitar Hero for our Playstation, I was thrilled when MomCentral gave me the opportunity to try out the new Modern Hits for my Nintendo DS.

The system comes with a guitar grip that mimics a guitar fret board and fits right into the side of the DS. And it comes with a pick stylus so you can strum on the touch screen. I only got to play a handful of times before the game was quickly taken over by Danyelle and Gavin. They LOVED it. And the best part of the system is that it has a wireless feature that allows song streaming and multiplayer modes. So when we make our long drive to Tennessee in a couple of weeks Danyelle and Gavin can challenge each other from each of their DS's.

For more information about this new game and to see videos and images of the game go to:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Totally Awesome

Gavin came out of his room the other day sporting this ensemble:

Some ugly sunglasses cousin Ryan gave him, his new karate headband, and a hat. And then he asked me "Do I look totally awesome or what?"

I had a hard time saying yes.