Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Beach Day

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

VBS ~ Day 2

Today is the second day of vacation bible school for Gavin and Katelyn. This years theme is PandaMania.
Both kids had a great time yesterday and were full of stories when I picked them up. The craft they made was name tag necklaces to wear all week. Of course with a big Panda in the middle.
Both Gavin and Katelyn said their favorite activity yesterday was game time- and it involved some sort of water gun fight.
Today is crazy hair day. Gavin asked for his to be spiked- and since he needs a hair cut- it does look kind of crazy.
Katelyn asked for her hair to be done in lots of pony tails. So I gave her 5 pony tails and she picked out different colored bands to put on the top of each one.

I am so glad they are having fun at VBS!

And note the cute T-shirts too!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last Day Of School 2011

As of 3:15 today- we are on summer vacation! Today was the last day of school for Gavin and Katelyn!
I snapped this picture before they both left for school this morning.
Katelyn was sad that her school year is over. She is a social butterfly who makes friends so very easily. She loved going to school each and every day. When I would pick her up she was always full of stories to tell me about all her little friends. What they ate for snack time, what she did on the play ground, who didn't listen to the teacher, and who she played with throughout the day.

She has learned so much this year. She knows how to write her name out and most of the letters of the alphabet. She can also add some numbers too! I think she is more than ready for kindergarten!
As for poor guy was absolutely thrilled this was the last day of school. We struggled all year long with the increased work load and homework. I am pleased to say that he passed the FCAT with flying colors ( whew ) and starts 4th grade in the fall.

And tonight we have Katelyn's preschool graduation. She has been excited for this for weeks now!