Monday, March 31, 2008

10 Random Things

Tracyecakes tagged me to write 10 Random Things About Myself. Boy, this is going to be hard. I just got done doing the 100 Things About Me my 100th post. Can I come up with 10 more?
Here it goes:

1. I have road rage. BADLY! If I am driving I am usually irritated by the time I get to my destination or by the time I get home.
2. Speaking of driving, I usually don't venture far away from home. I have about a 10 mile radius around my house that I usually don't leave. Its my comfort zone. Anything outside of it is too far to go.
3. I really like blimps. You know, the kind in the sky at football games. I am fascinated by them.
4. I wear contacts and I don't take them out at night when I sleep. What if something happens in the middle of the night and I cant see?
5. I scare very easily. My husband and brother love this about me. One day they will give me a heart attack.
6. I love the taste of bouillon cubes.
7. I really miss the show The Office. When is it coming back?? Dwight is the best!
8. I like to play solitaire on my cell phone.
9. I miss my sister bunches and bunches. She lives in Alaska and that is way toooo far away.
10. My favorite month is October. I love that the weather changes and you can smell fall in the air.

I am only going to tag Katie over at GreatLife-Happy2BMe . If anyone else wants to participate leave me a comment so I can check out your list!


Kristi said...

I sw the Office back on a different station the other night and they said "all new" You might want to check the website and see if has changed stations.
How did you discover a taste for boullion cubes?

Wendy said...

Too funny:) I love seeing these lists on my new reads!! Great getting to know you better. I also have road rage and now with a tiny parrot in the back seat I have to be extra careful:P

Tracye said...

Wow! Numbers 1 & 2 should have been on my list! Oh, and 5. I hate that about me!

Also love your 100 things.

Happy2bme said...

Ohmigosh I think of you everytime I see a bouillon cube. I always remember sitting in your kitchen down the road watching you suck on those darn things!!! And the liverworst you used to eat too.. ha ha but remember not me I would always have a bologna sandwich. AHHH remembering those days.... haha!!

Andrea said...

Yeah...blimps ARE cool! :) I've never tasted a boullion cube by itself before they really taste good?! :)

Ellinghouse said...

waiting for the office myself.....bring it back!!!

Tiff said...

We did have tons of fun and plan on going back next year for a little longer!

I love the month of October too!!! Gotta love the ten mile radius! LOL