Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back To School

Gavin is back at school as of yesterday. He had an ear infection and his asthma was acting up. So, antibiotic for the ear and breathing treatments 3 times a day. We haven't had to use the nebulizer in like 3 years. Gavin now holds the mask himself, no more wrestling around with a toddler to keep in on. But, he doesn't like it at all. He acts like he is going to have heart attack every time I tell him its time to do it. Basketball practice was cancelled Monday night due to the coach being sick and karate was cancelled last night due to sickness too. Something is-a goin-a-roun! Thankfully he is back to feeling better with just a little cough left over. Thanks for all of the get well wishes!

Katelyn and I had a great day at the park yesterday morning. She loves to run far away from me. We sat at the pond for a little while and she had fun throwing rocks in. We even threw in some goldfish for the little fish to eat.

And one of her favorite things to do now is draw on her magnadoodle. She could sit there for hours. She sometimes brings it to me to draw with her. She sets in on my lap very nicely, hands me the drawing pencil and says "cheese?" That's how she says please. Who could resist that? But there is a little devil hidden inside because no sooner do I draw her a picture than she grabs the pencil from me and yells "NO" and scribbles all over what I drew. She doesn't play very nicely!!


Happy2bme said...

Aww, that picture looks so sad :o(

jennwa said...

I hope Gavin feel better soon.
My kids love going to the pond too. Throwing rocks is always fun.

Ellinghouse said...

we have been crazy sick over here too...very familiar with the breathing treatment also!

Andrea said...

I hope Gavin feels better soon too! And I want to get one of those magnadoodles for Tate...I think he'd probably love it - but hopefully he'd let me draw too! hehe :)

Anonymous said...

I love him! That's all.