Sunday, April 6, 2008

I'm Sorry Katelyn !

Dear Katelyn,

I'm sorry that when you woke up crying and cranky this morning I didn't take it seriously.

I'm sorry that when I realized you had a little fever I thought maybe you were just getting your molars.

I'm sorry that when you wouldn't eat breakfast I still didn't realize you were sick.

I'm sorry that we made the 1/2 hour drive to Busch Gardens.

I'm sorry that you puked all over yourself in your car seat.

I'm very sorry that Mommy and Daddy argued in the parking lot of IHOP over who was getting you out of the car.

I'm sorry that it took so long to get you cleaned up because Mommy puked 3 times herself in the parking lot.

I'm sorry that you didn't feel good the whole 1/2 hour drive BACK home.

Katelyn, Mommy is paying attention now. We are back home where you have had a nice warm bath and I put jammies on you. We just got done snuggling in my bed until you fell asleep. Feel better my darling!


Donna said...

Awe=( I hope she feels better.

It's ok, I recently didn't notice my little guy was sick, we are so used to ignoring stuff like bad behavior we mommies sometimes overlook things like that.

jennwa said...

I hope she feels better soon.
Snuggling always helps.

Ellinghouse said...

So sorry to hear about the day...hope she feels better soon! Very sweet post though...

Anonymous said...

Yikes!!!! That's all I can say that won't get deleted by the administrator. Feel better my little Ka Ka. I'll say a prayer!

Tracye said...

I'm sorry she's sick... hope she's feeling better soon.

Don't feel bad. We've all done it!I went through the same thing with my little boy this weekend. I guess we're going to the doctor today.

Emma in Canada said...

Awww...what a sweet letter. Isn't it awful when you miss how sick they are? Oh, the guilt!

KC said...

oh no.. poor thing, Hope she is feeling better now.

Candi said...

Poor thing--I hope she is feeling better. Last summer we went to CA and had a 4 hour drive to hubby's parents from the airport. Well, Logan has this cough that he always does before he throws up. Hubby was driving and we were just about to pull up to his parent's house. I told him to stop the car, Logan was about to puke. He didn't want to listen and said he couldn't stop in the road----believe me I've done it and would do it again. Needless to say, Logan puked all over himself and he had pizza for lunch--NICE!!