Friday, March 28, 2008

Progress Report

Gavin brought home his 2nd progress report from school yesterday. As a proud mom I am happy to report he is doing excellent. :) He is doing above what is expected at this time of year in all areas, which are : Reading and Language , Math, Social Studies, Science, and Health. Ever since Gavin missed almost 2 weeks with the pneumonia I have been worried about his schoolwork. That was alot of time for him to miss from school and then he had to play catch up. So not only have we been doing his nightly homework, I have been giving him something extra to work on also. Whew, guess it paid off! I am so proud of him and it makes me happy that he loves going to school. The teacher comments for Gavin were:

"Gavin continues to be a total delight to have in class! His is meeting reading and math expectations at this time and I am proud of his efforts. Thank you for all you are doing to help Gavin have such a positive experience in kindergarten."

Gavin has an excellent teacher this year and we both love her!

Keep up the good work Gavin!!!


Happy2bme said...

Great job Gavin!!! Love Austin

Kristi said...

Congratulations on having such a wonderful kindergarten experience for your son.

Andrea said...

Way to go Gavin!! And doesn't it just make you so proud of him when he does so well?! :)

Tracye said...

Ooooh! Gotta love those great progress reports! I always said I'd never put stuff on my fridge... but there is where my daughter's progress report is proudly displayed!

I'm tagging you... write ten random things about yourself, and then tag five people.

It's hard!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could go to school with G too. It looks like you could use some help. :) Way to go little G Man!!! Love em and leave em!!