Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100th Post ! !

I started this blog back in September 2007. I didn't realize then how much I would love blogging. I started to document my children's lives. I love being able to read back and remember exactly what they said or did. And I hope when they are older they love reading it too. Today is my 100th post. I am happy I have made it this far and so happy that I have stuck with it. Keeping with the tradition of the 100th post, today I am listing the "100 Things About Me" list. Have a great week everyone!

100 Things About Me

1. I was born in Chicago, Illinois
2. I moved to Florida when I was 12
3. I do not like to swim in saltwater
4. I am deathly afraid of drowning
5. I am a horrible swimmer
6. I still sleep with my baby blanket
7. I am Italian and German
8. I have 2 children, a boy and a girl
9. I have had 2 C-sections
10 I have been a SAHM since Gavin was 8 months old
11. I love to take pictures of my kids
12. I love to scrapbook
13. I am very behind in my scrapbooking!
14. I enjoy reading
15. and sleeping
16. I love sushi
17. I do not like pork
18. or chocolate
19. or coffee
20. I love to drink Diet Coke
21. I drink about 4 a day
22. I do not like cats
23. I am a night owl
24. I had a belly button ring
25. I have 2 tattoos
26. I wear contacts
27. I have never broken a bone
28. I cant roll my tongue
29. I am the oldest of 4
30. My brother was in the army
31. My one sister is 16 years younger than me
32. My other sister lives in Alaska
33. I am very close to all of them
34. I used to play the piano and organ
35. I enjoy sitting by our fire pit with Gavin
36. I love to go camping
37. I have met John Travolta
38. I love him madly
39. We went to Cozumel for our honeymoon
40. I cannot sew or knit
41. I wish I could do both
42. My favorite color is green
43. I love Ebay
44. I would rather die than go to the mall
45. I do not like confrontation
46. I love the sound of chimes
47. and trains
48. I have been snorkeling in Belize
49. I could watch Back To The Future over and over
50. and Jaws
51. I would love to live in a log cabin
52. I would like to travel the country in an RV
53. I am a big fan of Loretta Lynn
54. This list is harder than I thought!
55. I love the smell of my kids
56. I bite my nails
57. i enjoy watching Spongebob
58. I live in the same neighborhood as my dad
59. I love listening to the rain
60. My husband is an excellent cook
61. and father
62. My first car was a white Camaro
63. I now drive a Trailblazer
64. I long for a minivan
65. I say Bless You when people sneeze
66. I get mad if you don't say it back to me
67. I cannot live without Tivo
68. I gained 30 lbs when pregnant with Gavin
69. I lost weight when I was pregnant with Katelyn
70. I watch all 3 Law and Orders
71. and Survivor
72. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip
73. I absolutely love my mother in law.
74. I have to wear make up every day not matter what
75. I would rather be cold than hot
76. I love eating breakfast for dinner
77. I enjoy listening to any type of music
78. Frogs scare me
79. I read my first Stephen King book when I was 9
80. I don't like to be late to anything
81. I am not a very patient person
82. Maybe I should work on that!
83. I love going to Disneyworld
84. I am an organ donor
85. I am not good at math
86. or geography
87. I cannot draw
88. I was in the spelling bee in 3rd grade
89. I love crossword puzzles
90. I have an unhealthy addiction to the Enquirer
91. I have watched As The World Turns since I was 12
92. I sleep on the left side of the bed
93. I sleep closest to the door in case I have to escape
94. I used to collect unicorns
95. I am a Harry Potter fan
96. Harry Potter World opens in Jan 2010. I will be there.
97. I love pedicures
98. and massages
99. I am happy I am almost done with this!
100. I believe I am a wonderful mother, wife , and friend.


Donna said...

Glad to get to know ya a bit better!

My favorite color is green, but I am not a Harry potter fan, sorry=( I do love to camp though! And I have a girl and a bay also.

Happy2bme said...

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to reach mine.

Ellinghouse said...

now that's a get-to-know you post if I ever saw one.....congrats on getting to 100!

Elaine A. said...

I am SO on board with you on the whole "bless you" thing when sneezing. It upsets me too when people don't say it back! Uhg!

Great list and congrats on 100!

jennwa said...

Great 100 th post.

Rebecca said...

Wow, I do not know if I could come up with 100 things about myself. I am quite boring.


JanMary said...

Congrats on 100 posts. I did not do this at 100, but now wish I had, as by 129th post does not have quite the same ring to it! Maybe I will hang around til 200.

Great list, thanks for sharing it.

Candi said...

Way to go on your 100 posts!! That was fun to read.

I can't believe you don't like chocolate, but I am with you on the Diet Coke. I love it!!

Anonymous said...

# 45 is simply not true. That's all....

Shan said...

Congrats on your 100th post.

JujuBoo said...

You live in FL and you wont go in the saltwater?

Happy 100th post! I wish I would of done something cool like that for my 100th...guess Ill have to wait til my 200th?

I also #76, 59, 55, DEFINITLY 52 (it is my ultimate dream to do with my family!), 34, and 11.

Heaven Sent said...

So fun to read. You don't like chocolate or coffee??? Oh girl, you should be nursing my children!

jen e. said...

Wow! That's alot of things to think of! You were 12 when you moved to FL? Doesn't seem that long ago. I really thought my life was going to end then! :)
I remember the unicorns! How 80's! Ha!(just got a musical unicorn figuine thing from my MIL for Chrismas...yikes!)

PurpleGreenPops.com said...

Wow! How long did it take you to put together this list?