Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Talk

There has been alot of talk around the house lately about birthdays. Gavin's birthday is coming up in 10 days and Katelyn's is at the the end of August.

Katelyn has decided that she wants a Tinkerbell party. That of course may change once August gets here.

I explained to Katelyn a couple of weeks ago that Gavin's birthday is in July and hers is in August. So even though we might be talking about both of their birthdays, Gavin will be having his party first.

We also went over many times that her birthday was August 25th. And now she remembers it and will say it back to you when you ask her when her birthday is. Very cute.

Yesterday she came up to me soooo seriously and says: Mommy, where is August?

And I said, What do you mean WHERE? August is a month, not a place.

To which Katelyn said, Then why do you always say I was born IN August??

I had no words to answer her- just laughter.