Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puppies, Movies, and Swimming...

That's how I would describe our weekend. Friday evening Ken worked late so I took the kids up to the pet store to get some new treats for Barkley. We started off at the hamster cage and we had fun trying to catch them. Then we moved onto all the sweet little puppies. It was dinnertime so they were all jumping around and barking in their cages. I let Gavin pick out which one we wanted to play with and he chose a cute little brown Boxer puppy. He was just sitting quietly in the cage watching all the people go by.

Once we were in the little room, the quiet little guy went WILD. Ran around in circles jumping up and biting us wherever he could. Katelyn quickly jumped up onto the bench while Gavin, Danyelle and I did a little dance around the room to get away from him. One of the employees threw in some chew toys and we held him off with those for a little while!! Even after all the little puppy nips I'm sure Gavin and Katelyn would love to go back and play with him again.

Saturday early evening we took the kids up to the theatre to see the new Shrek movie.

Let's see....that's 5 family members plus the cost of tickets = HOLY CRAP THAT WAS EXPENSIVE!!! Seriously, not only did we have to pay for admission, but since the movie was in 3D they tacked on another $3.50 to every ticket. GRrrrr. Other than that we had a great time. The movie wasn't too long and was full of laughs. I just love that damn donkey!

Sunday morning we tried out a new church here by our new house. Katelyn surprised me by saying she wanted to try out the Sunday school. I walked her in, sat her down, and said goodbye. When we picked her up she was laughing and told me she liked it there.

That afternoon we went to an anniversary party/BBQ/Pool party. Katelyn jumped right into the pool and stayed there for the rest of the day only getting out to eat a hotdog.

Gavin on the other hand spent some time playing with the remote control boat. Which at first scared the daylights out of Katelyn. She would scream and try to swim away every time the boat was coming anywhere in her direction.

He finally changed into his bathing suit and wasted no time trying out the slide.

And then after that it was off to clean the tiki bar.

Who knows why, but that's my Gavin, lol.
And that, was our weekend!


Anonymous said...

CAn KK swim? Do those water puffs just hold her up? I need to know!