Friday, June 4, 2010

Good-Bye 2nd Grade

So today was Gavin's last day of 2nd grade. I guess I officially have a 3rd grader now. He has been counting down the days all week for today.

This morning I said to him- Good Morning Gavin! Today is the last day of school and the last day you have to wake up early until next year!

And he said back to me- Good, its the last day I have to brush my teeth too.

This is Gavin this morning before school:

He ended the year starting to learn fractions and multiplication in math. I am sooo not ready for that! I am not looking forward to homework already next year.

We've got tons of stuff planned for the summer to keep both Gavin and Katelyn busy. Gavin is going to soccer camp for 2 weeks, we have a weekend away planned in a couple of weeks, and a week vacation in July to Tennessee. I also signed up the kids for free bowling a couple of days during the week and of course there is also the free movies that come out every summer.

Congratulations Gavin! I am so proud of you this year!