Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't Steal The Lollipops!

When I was in 1st grade I had to take speech class. My mom said that family members had no problems understanding me when I spoke, but strangers had a hard time deciphering my words. I think that's crazy to think about now that I'm older!

I left my regular classroom once a week to meet with the speech lady. My half hour session with her included 2 other students. These 2 boys were older than me and I didn't know them. But I do remember I didn't like them.

They fooled around and didn't pay attention. I can remember the poor speech lady getting very frustrated with them too.

I would just sit there in disbelief that these boys were being so mean to the teacher. It made me sad and scared to be there. I dreaded speech day because of them.

One time I can clearly remember is when the teacher left us alone in her office for a couple of minutes. One of the boys got up and went to her desk and took some lollipops she kept in her drawer. He asked us if we wanted one and the other boy said yes.

I said no. I was horrified that he was stealing. I was horrified that I was with these 2 BAD kids. I was scared to death of what was going to happen when she found out.

Looking back on it now, this was probably one of the first times my little 6-year-old self was seeing that some kids were bad. That some kids didn't have the same morals instilled in them like I did.

It really was an eye opener for me. And of course as soon as the teacher walked back in, I told her what they did. They got in trouble and that made me very happy. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you for speaking up. I am sure that concreted the stealing lesson in your mind for years to come. And I had forgotten that I took had speech lessons in first grade too. I had lost my front teeth and had a problem with the letter "S". I had to go to speech for awhile until my teeth grew in, then I spoke just fine.

Looking forward to next week's chapter!

Eos Mom said...

What a great story, very vivid! I can picture you dreading having to go to speech with the bad older boys, glad you got them in trouble!

Sela said...

Funny to think about our 1st grade selves. I think at that age, I would have been the one taking the lollipops ;)