Thursday, June 3, 2010

Award Ceremony

Yesterday was the 2nd grade end of the year awards ceremony. Katelyn and I headed up to the school and surprised Gavin by being in the audience to watch.

Gavin won 2 awards. The first award he got was the Super Citizen ( showing courtesy, kindness, consideration, and respect for his fellow students and teachers).

When they called his name he got to go up on stage and shake the principals hand, receive his award along with a pencil and ruler. Then the kids who won the award get to stand up on the bleachers together.

He also won the Certificate of Achievement Award for doing Quality Work each day. So twice I got to clap and Cheer for him. And speaking of cheering, on the way back to their seats the kids get to walk thru girls with pompoms while music is playing. Kinda cute.

After the ceremony I asked Gavin if he was surprised that he won awards and he said NOPE. I said, Oh really?

Gavin said- Well, I figured I would get the super citizen award because ya know mom, I am really kind at school.

ok- LOL, if you say so Gavin.


Kristi said...

What a great response when you asked him. What an honor to be recognized as a super citizen. Mom should definitely be proud.