Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gus, Danny Zuko, and A Cowgirl

I had my first crush in 2nd grade. His name was Gus. He had jet black hair and always wore plain white t-shirts. In the winter he came to school wearing a black leather jacket. Well, maybe it wasn't a "real" leather jacket but back in 2nd grade I thought it was.

I was also OBSESSED with the movie Grease in 2nd grade ( ok, not just in 2nd grade- but every grade ). So how could I not have a crush on Gus, who to me looked like this:

Oh, I love you Danny Zuko.

At our class Christmas party my teacher asked me and Gus to go get the juice for the party. The juice had been place out on a little terrace down the hallway. Since this was winter in Chicago keeping the juice outside meant it would be cold! As soon as we got outside and started putting the juice onto the cart to take back to the classroom Gus offered me that black leather jacket. Oh yes, yes he did. My heart was all aflutter as I put it on. I kept it on for the rest of the day and was so sad when he asked for it back. ****Sigh****

As for academics, I remember learning the months of the year and taking timed math tests. The timed tests were my favorite. I would try to beat my time from the week before.

For Halloween that year I was a cowgirl. I won the best costume for the 2nd grade. I can remember being quite shocked that I won. My cowgirl costume was cowboy boots, a denim skirt, pigtails, some sort of vest and a scarf around my neck.

My mom volunteered in my class for our Halloween party. She brought my little brother who was 3 years younger than me. I can remember being so proud to show him my desk and let him sit in it. Like it was some sort of privilege for him to sit at it. And he came dressed in his cowboy costume so we

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Eos Mom said...

Awww, what cute stories! I love that Gus offered you his jacket!!! I was a cowgirl for a couple Halloweens but I don't remember what I wore which year. Good memories!

thecoolmom said...

Great story! That was sweet of Gus to offer his jacket (even if he didn't realize the level of commitment he was signing up for). It's wonderful that you were so proud of your brother. I knew so many kids in school that acted like it was such a bother having younger siblings.

Sela said...

ah, Grease, love that movie!
Amazing that you remember what costumes you wore when. I can't remember at all, I need to go look for pictures at my mom's since I know my dad took pictures every halloween.

SpitFire said...

That is so funny that you loved Grease even at such a young age. I love that movie...I love that my husband likes musicals and will watch it with me too. :) That's cute that you were showing off your desk to your brother.