Friday, July 4, 2008

Flashback Friday - June 1981

In June 1981 I turned 7 years old. For my birthday party that year my mom took me and my friends to Showbiz Pizza. Showbiz had just come out and it was a BIG DEAL. Everyone wanted to go. So I knew that having my birthday party there was a HUGE deal. Especially for my family. We usually didn't do things like that for birthday parties. Parties were always at my house in the backyard with friends.

So boy. Was I excited to go. Here's the first picture my mom got of me at the beginning of my magical party:

That's me front and center. Did you notice I am not smiling at my great magical birthday? What could have happened? Oh, I'll tell ya. That nasty look on my face was because my mom wanted to take a picture of me. Oh my- the horror. I can actually remember being soooo mad at her for taking pictures. I was so embarrassed. But my friends weren't. Look at their happy smiling faces in the background. And yep, Jen E., that's you at the very end!

Next, my mom made me get up and pose with one of the characters!! Notice the mean face again and crosses arms. But a really cute sundress!

And again, my poor mom tried to get another picture of the birthday girl. This time one of my friends put balloons in front of my face - probably to hide the nastiness again.
I did end up having a wonderful time though. After my click happy mom stopped taking pictures I probably loosened up. I am really not one who likes being the center of attention. To this day I still don't like people singing Happy Birthday to me. That means everyone is looking at me.

I'll end this post with one last picture from that party. I am in the yellow sundress on the left. And I am actually smiling and having a good time. Sorry mom for many ruined pictures!

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Happy2bme said...

So there is proof that you had a happy childhood!

Dina said...

Hi, VERY cute sundress!!! and cute smile at the end. You must have not been able to contain yourself at the end...after holding all the happiness in throughout the entire party!!