Thursday, July 31, 2008

2-Year Check Up

Little Miss Katelyn had her 2-year-old check-up last week. We did it about a month before her 2nd birthday because she starts pre-school in a couple of weeks and needed an updated physical.

Katelyn weighed in a 23 lbs and is 33 inches tall. I talked to the pediatrician about her awful eating habits. As in- she doesn't eat. She has a bite or two from every meal and that's it. Its been driving me crazy. The pediatrician said as long as what she is eating is healthy foods then everything is ok. She is growing normally and her weight is fine. Ok.

We also talked about her eczema which is getting worse. My poor girl scratches her little legs all day long. Her legs and arms are a mess with the rash and scabs from where she bleeds. Right now she is using a prescription hydrocortisone and lotions. The Dr. gave me some Zyrtec to try out and see if that helps. We are also going to go get her tested for allergies in a couple of weeks.

Everything else is going good. Her language and motor skills are right on tract. And one of the behavioral developments at this age is to "resist bedtime" and "likes to respond with "no". Oh yeah- that's my girl!


Heidi said...

My daughter was the same way with eating, she's just fine now, but her brother will catch up with her weight wise soon and he's 4 years younger. They are close in shoe size too.

Alexismommy said...

yeah she definitely likes the word no! remember Alexis at 2..yikes! and she did the same thing and it also worried me with the eating thing. I swear I dont understand how they eat like little birds and are fine! well take care miss ya guys!

Alicia said...

Sounds just like my 3 year old! She'll eat when she wants and that's exactly what my pedi says.

I loved reading about your St. Augustine trip! I would love to take my girls there, but they are still a little young.

Love the blog, too!


THopgood said...

A friend of mine has 2 children with horrible excema...she had allergy testing done and found out that he has many food allergies that they were unaware of. Since the doctors visit and changing the diet the excema has improved. Good luck!

Tammy Warren said... 7 year old has it. He finally outgrew it at about 4. Well, at least the worst part of it. Hang in there. I know it is so hard to watch them suffer with it.

I love your blog.

Wendy said...

Katelyn and Lani are so similar. I think they would get along smashingly! Especially since they don't eat to make sure they keep that nice girly figure:) LOL!! Lani is a major snacker but NEVER eats a meal. Unless it's chicken nuggets or pizza (cheeseless, of course). Everyone says they grow out of it but I still get frustrated and worried about my tiny thing.

Good luck figuring out what's causing her eczema. Poor thing:( Hopefully the cream works or the allergy test shows something that is causing it. Lani goes back in a few weeks to be retested for her food allergies.

Happy2bme said...

I hope its not food allergies... poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Poor little angel baby. I can't WAIT to see her now that I am back in bizness.........