Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Wow~ what a great holiday weekend we had!

Friday the 4th of July we had some friends and family over to our house. We all sat outside a couple of hours before the fireworks started. The kids had a blast playing together. They had tons of toys outside- scooters, bikes, power wheels, and lots of balls to throw around.

And I just love this picture of Gavin and his cousin Ryan:
Us adults had our chairs set up in the front yard. We dined on chips and salsa, a couple of different chips and dips , cookies, and a fruit platter.

When dusk came we started our pre-fireworks show of our own. We had fountains, sparklers, bottle rockets, and a couple more that I don't know the name of!! Everyone chipped in and brought over some fireworks so we had more than enough!

The boys did a great job of staying out of the adults way while the fireworks were being lit. They stood in a little line and held onto whatever firework they wanted lit next.

Katelyn was big enough this year to enjoy the fireworks. She was a little surprised when we first started lighting them off. Not quite sure what to make of it. It didn't take her too long to realize how fun they were. She loved watching her daddy light them up in the street and screeched with delight. Katelyn and her little friend Xavier stood next to each other and laughed and clapped while they watched.

Around 9:30 the huge firework show started. We can see them being lit off from the park by sitting in our driveway. Again the kids enjoyed the great show our park puts on. After the grand finale, it was back to amateur hour at our house. We had enough fireworks to light off to keep us busy until around 11pm!

Since we had such a late night on Friday, Saturday was a very lazy day. I got a little done around the house but that was about it! Gavin and Katelyn played all day with each other without very much bickering!

Sunday we headed over to my mil's for lunch. We spent pretty much most of the day over there. Gavin, Ryan, and Katelyn again had a great time playing together. Even though there was a little bit of arguing between Ryan and Gavin they still had a great time! Ken's cousin John was also there today to provide everyone with a haircut too! Ken and Gavin both got their hair trimmed up and they look really good. And..... da da da da da....... Katelyn got her first big girl hair cut too! That post will come later in the week.

Have a great week everyone!


Kristi said...

Looks like a fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a HAPPY HAPPY 4th. God Bless Everyone!!!!!!!!!

Happy2bme said...

The pretty girl curled up in that chair looks very lady like!

Motherhood for Dummies said...

looks like you guys had a happy 4th!

KC said...

sounds like the perfect 4th of July weekend to me.. I loved all the pictures looks like everyone had a great time. thanks for visiting my blog today and for playing along with the Weekend Recap Link UP.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend! So glad you enjoyed it. I love the pics!

Heather said...

It looks like you had a nice time! What a beautiful family!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! And I got the prize from the pay it forward contest you is so cute!