Monday, December 31, 2007

Year In Review - 2007

Today is the last day of 2007- here comes 2008. Lots of things happened in 2007, so here is the recap!!

January - - We celebrated Ken's 33rd birthday this month, Katelyn turned 4 months old and was officially started on solid foods. We started with rice cereal and then moved on to veggies then fruits. She did really well with all of them except carrots. Eating carrots gave Katelyn a very bad bad diaper rash. Ken and his parents also took the kids to see the Monster Truck Show this month and they had a GREAT time. They even had pit passes to get pictures up close with the trucks and their drivers.

February - - Gavin passed out Valentine cards to all the kids in his preschool class and had a cute little party at school. On the 18th we had Katelyn baptized. We celebrated with family and friends this wonderful day. 2 days after the baptism Katelyn started sitting up on her own!!

March - - The 3rd was Ken and my 6th year anniversary! How time flies. On St Patricks Day we went bowling with our church group and Gavin and Danyelle had a wonderful time! March was also when the kids had spring break. We made this year Gavin's First Annual Spring Break Party. We invited all the kids from his preschool class over for a play date during the week. We had bubbles, hula hoops, balls, and lots of snacks. About 10 kids or so show up and had a great time. April - - Grammie and Grampie took all the grand kids on a Easter train ride. A real working train brought them to see the Easter Bunny and color some Easter eggs. Such fun. Katelyn celebrated her first Easter and started crawling this month. We also took her to the park for the first time where she loved the swings. May - - The 11th of May was Gavin's last day of pre-school. The school put on a wonderful end of the year ceremony and officially sent them off to kindergarten. This month turned out to be the month where Katelyn decided to start getting into everything. The dishwasher, throwing stuff out of the cabinets, and even opening the fridge and taking salad dressings out.

June - - Gavin started karate this month at our rec center. He loves it and has a great time. He earned his white belt at the end of the month. The kids and Ken also started going to Adventure Island on Wednesdays during the summer. They go with my inlaws and have a great time cooling off in the pools and water slides. Ken even got Gavin to go on some big flumes with him.

July - - Gavin had his first ever visit to the dentist this month. All is good and no cavities. The 10th was Gavin's 5th birthday. We had family over on his actual birthday for cake and presents. That weekend we had a bowling party to celebrate with his friends. Spongebob was the theme for both parties. We took our family vacation to the Nickelodeon Hotel in Orlando. The kids got slimed and had their picture taken with Spongebob. Our themed room had bunk beds for the kids and was decorated with Timmy Turner from the Fairly Oddparents. The last week of the month was vacation bible school. I was the volunteer teacher for the kids crafts so Katelyn spent the week in the nursery. She DID NOT like that at all. She screamed and cried for the whole 3 hours she was there. What a mommies girl!

August - - The kids went back to school this month. Gavin was such a big boy as he started kindergarten. He had a rough couple of weeks to start but he now loves going. Katelyn turned 1 on the 25th and had a great time at her first birthday. Gavin also lost his first tooth this month and got a visit from the tooth fairy. September - - This month Gavin participated in his walk-a-thon at school and earned his yellow belt in karate. Kateyn started walking at the beginning of the month and got her first pair of shoes.

October - - This month we took in a couple of fairs and fall festivals. We also took a weekend trip with some friends to Orlando. While we were there we went to Sea World and had a great time. Gavin lost his second tooth a couple of days after the trip. Gavin was Darth Vader and Katelyn was Princess Leia for Halloween. What a cute pair!

November - - On the 11th Katelyn got to make her first ever family trip to Busch Gardens. She went on the egg ride with Gavin and Danyelle. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my in laws and celebrated Danyelle's 13th birthday at the end of the month.

December - - Gavin started Tball this month and LOVES it. We spent a great deal of time this month getting ready for Christmas and Santa Claus. We had a wonderful holiday season.

Well, that wraps it up. I loved looking back at all those memories and cant wait to bring in more with the new year.
Have a safe and happy New Year!