Thursday, January 3, 2008

No, I didn't-- Yes, You Did

We finally got a real good cold front here. Temps have been in the 30's and 40's which is very unusual for us. I have been struggling with Gavin all day to keep his slipper socks on since our back room is chilly. He keeps taking them off saying he doesn't need them. So, when I found the socks laying on the floor for the 80th time today, I was irritated.

Me: Gavin, come put these socks back on.
Gavin: I don't need them.
Me: Yes you do.
Gavin: But I'm going to lay under a blanket.
Me: I don't care, put them on anyway.
Gavin: But I will be under the blanket.
Me: But when you get up your feet will be cold.
Gavin: No they wont
Me: Yes they will.
Gavin: No they wont

Gavin: ok, ok, why do you have to yell?
Me: Because you keep arguing with me
Gavin: No, I didn't
Me: Yes, you did
Gavin: No, I didn't.

Omigosh, this could have gone on all night!


Amy said...

My kids do the same thing! Whenever we tell them to do something they negotiate with us. It quickly turns into an argument that ends with "Because I said so and will you stop arguing with me!"

Sher :) said...

Yep, such is life with a little one. How they out smart us is beyond me.
Thanks for joining my book giveaway. :)

Debye said...

I have had this same type of "conversation circle" so many times with my boys, thanks for the chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Wait til he's 16......

Candi said...

Oh my word....this happens all the time in my house. It is even worse with my husband and my oldest. Those two can go on forever. Sometimes I feel like I have three kids!!