Friday, December 7, 2007

Flaunt It Friday - Guilty Pleasure

This is my first Flaunt It Friday, hosted at This weeks topic is Guilty Pleasures. After thinking about this, I realized, boy, do I have a lot of guilty pleasures. From the shows I watch on TV, to the bad food I eat, and to the insane amounts of time I spend on the computer!! But I did think of the one thing that I think I enjoy the most: The Bathtub!!
And, no, that is not my tub. I take a bath probably 4-5 times a week. I take them at night and usually I have even taken a shower that morning. I grab my towel and tell my husband I am off to the bath. The door gets shut and no one is allowed in. I turn the water on to almost scalding and I just lay there. Just relaxing. I let the water run the whole time and if it gets too high I let the drain out. The water runs until the hot water is all gone. This is a guilty pleasure because 99% of the time the kids are standing outside the door crying and knocking to come in. I feel bad about not letting them in, but hey, I need some alone time. My husband usually looks ragged by the time I am done, but its worth it!!


Anonymous said...

OH my goodness! A woman who can enjoy her bath even with kids a'knockin'... four or five times a week at that! I love it! Now that is a guilty pleasure!

My hubby has smartened up and finds a way to unlock the door and let the kids in!!!!!!! So I've taken to not even attempting a bath until they are off to sleep.

Thanks so much for participating in our Flaunt It Friday Challenge! Hope to see you same time, same place next week!

Candi said...

I pretty much gave up baths after having my second kid. When I only had one, I would have a bath once a week while hubby was home on the weekend.

Now, I occasionally take a bath, but I wait until the kids are in bed or hubby has them in the playroom two floors below the bath!!

Lisa said...

The hotter the better!

Susana la Banana said...

Wow. I don't think I've taken a single bath since my son was born! Showers are just so much faster. And usually my alone time requires me to leave the house...which is unfortunate since I'd really like to use it to take a nap!
Thanks for your post. I'm with you on the need for some rest and relaxation! ;)

Tiff said...

I love HOT steamy baths. BUt i havne't gotten to just soak since my oldest (now 11) was two! Now I have three kids and it's even harder to do!

Penny said...

Like the others - no baths unless the kids are in bed. Can't stand them knocking on the door or trying to get in too!

Love the flowers on the left of your blog :)

Amy said...

A Bath and time to yourself. AHHH
That is a pleasure.
I think you have convinced me to visit my bathtub

Me said...

Ohh!! I love hot baths!!But I'm stuck having showers. We have a spa bath but I can never use it because of the water restrictions my city has. I get to fill it up about once every few months!