Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Recap

Our first Christmas-y weekend!! Friday night we all just kinda took it easy after Ken got home from picking up Danyelle.
Saturday morning we had Gavin's first Tball practice. It started at 10am, but Gavin was up bright and early at 7 and had his cleats on by 715. He wouldn't let 5 minutes go by without asking me if it was time to go yet. When we arrived at the field he got to meet his coach and his other teammates. They started practice with some warm ups, then catching the ball, and then batting. They all got to play different positions on the field while other kids were batting, and Gavin even got to play pitcher.

After Ken got home from work that afternoon we went up to Lowe's to get our Christmas tree. Gavin kept calling it going to the pumpkin patch. Why? I have no idea. But it sounded cute. Katelyn got pushed around in her stroller throughout the tent full of Christmas trees. She kept reaching out to touch them saying "OOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOH" Like she had never seen a tree before. We attached the tree to the roof of the car to go home. Gavin just could not get over the fact that our Christmas tree was on top of the car. He thought it was very exciting. But he spent the whole drive home yelling at me to go slow because he thought it would fall off.

Once the tree was up in the living room we walked up to the park for their annual lighting of the Christmas tree. This is a very big celebration. They have tons of booths set up with crafts for the kids, live music, dancers, and of course.....SANTA. We got in line for Santa where Gavin all of the sudden decided he was not going to talk to Santa, just sit on his lap with Katelyn. Ok, fine with me. Danyelle didn't sit with Santa, I guess she is too old now. So sad!! Katelyn took one look at Santa and started screaming like a banshee. But of course being the wonderful mommy that I am, I made her sit on his lap anyway. I wanted that picture!!! Crying kid or not! Gavin ended up changing his mind and stayed on Santa's lap long enough to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. We met up with Danyelle's friend Alexis and after getting popcorn and balloons made our way home.

Sunday morning Gavin sang in church. I love hearing him sing all the cute little Christmas songs! After church we got all of the Christmas decorations out of the attic and got busy!! Ken hung all the lights outside while Gavin, Danyelle, Katelyn, and I sat outside and watched. Gavin just thinks it is amazing that daddy goes on the roof. We spent the rest of the day inside decorating the house and putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Katelyn was fascinated by the lights on the tree and all of my singing decorations. Have a great week everyone!!


aunt nenni said...

Once again, a very busy weekend! Good for you! I still have to dig out my decorations! Ugh! Good luck to Gavin in t-ball!

Donna said...

kinda jealous you get to celebrate Christmas in shorts!

I was wondering why you were talking about T-ball in December...LOL. Then I looked at where you live=)