Sunday, December 23, 2007

Week and Weekend Recap

Boy, I have got alot to catch up on!
This past Monday Gavin had his first night Tball game. All the kids were excited to play at night with the big lights on the field. Gavin did excellent and scored 3 runs. He played short stop, third base, and first base. While he was playing third base, the ball came right to him and with the coach's help, promptly stepped on third base to get an out! Yeah!

Wednesday night we were invited to a "pizza party" at Gavin's friend Jimmy's house. About 10 or so kids were there. They kids were about halfway done with their pizza when the doorbell rang. And lo and behold it was SANTA!! Yippee! Santa and Mrs. Claus popped in to check on the kids and make sure they were being good before Christmas. Gavin was soo surprised that Santa was actually there. The kids all sat around Santa while he called each one of them up. When it was Gavin's turn they talked about karate, Tball, and Gavin being in kindergarten. Santa really did his homework. He even gave Gavin a pre Christmas present and some food for the reindeer for Christmas Eve. Katelyn did not grace Santa with her presence on his lap. She just walked around him checking him out. And would run from him if he dared speak to her. Maybe next year!

And another yippee, when we got home from seeing Santa Aunt Gina and her fiancee Paul had arrived from Alaska. They are here for 2 weeks and Gavin is ecstatic to see his aunt. And as I am writing this Katelyn has warmed up to both Gina and Paul!

Friday night was my turn at hosting a Christmas dinner. We celebrated early this year with my mom since Gina and Paul will be celebrating Christmas day with his family. Since I didn't have the timing right on the dishes I was cooking we opened presents first. The kids had such a great time! Katelyn needed help opening hers and loved the dolls and stroller set grandma gave her. She hasn't stopped playing with it since! She pushes her babies back and forth and back and forth. Sometimes they are even sitting upside down in the stroller and sometimes the babies are barely hanging in there. Is that how she feels when I am pushing her in her stroller. Dear lord!

Saturday Danyelle went to work with Ken to pass out the mountains of Christmas cookie tins that were put together last weekend. Daddy and daughter have been doing this together for a couple of years now and Ken really enjoys that she goes with him. She does a great job even though she has to get up long before the sun comes up!

Saturday night was more presents and celebrating at Grandpa's house. By now Katelyn had the hang of tearing open the presents. She actually started ripping into them before it was time! Gavin got a way cool RC car. Of course after it was charged up and ready to go, who do you think was playing with it??? That's right, not Gavin but Daddy. I think he just got a kick out of chasing my brother's dog with the car and making her crazy!

Well, that just about wraps it up. Gavin knows that tomorrow is Christmas Eve and he just cannot wait for it. We are going to our Christmas Eve service at church were Gavin is singing again. Hopefully the weather cools off enough so we can have a fire in our fire pit tomorrow night before bed.
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!