Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekend Recap

Since we live in Florida Gavin does not understand why it does not snow here for Christmas. All the holiday shows he has watched have snow in them and the Christmas books we have been reading have snow in them. He really has been holding out hope that it will get cold enough to snow this year. So, this past Friday night Ken and I surprised the kids and took them up to the rec center where they were having a WinderWonderland. Gingerbread houses, crafts, and SNOW ! ! We were there for about 2 hours watching all the kids play in the snow and have snowball fights. Gavin got his wish to see snow and had a great time. Both Danyelle and Gavin were soaked by the time we left. This "snow" is actually the leftover ice from our local skating rink. Its the best we can do here in Florida! Katelyn took a snowball to the face also when Danyelle missed me and got her poor sister.

Saturday morning Gavin had another Tball game. Once again I am a very proud mom! I think he did wonderful. He scored 3 runs and played catcher and short stop. He was especially happy to have Danyelle at the game watching him. From there I took the kids out to breakfast and after that we headed to the flea market. I love the flea market and haven't been in very long. This time I think Danyelle and Gavin had a better time than I did. They were both amazed at everything we saw. Gavin was impressed by all the toys and even puppies that were there, and Danyelle wondered why there were so many socks for sale!! That night we made homemade Christmas ornaments. Very easy recipe that I got from Three Peas in a Pod. But of course nothing I do is easy. I couldn't get the consistency right and Danyelle and Gavin had cinnamon and applesauce stuck everywhere. Danyelle also had a good time laughing at it all.

But the finished product turned out well, doncha think? Gavin did the gingerbread man, I did the snowman for Katelyn, and Danyelle did the Christmas tree.

Sunday we went to Grammies for lunch and our annual Christmas cookie frenzy. My mother-in-law make the BEST cookies I have ever tasted. A couple of years ago my husband decided that homemade Christmas cookies would make great gifts for all of his receivers at work. So now every year my mil doubles her cookie batches so he can take tins to work. So Sunday was our day to pack up all the tins with about 20 different kinds of cookies. Danyelle and Chris help with this every year. Gavin and Ryan are still too little to help with the tins and Gavin decided to cry about it for about an hour. A very long hour! After that all the kids got set up to put icing and sprinkles on some cut out cookies.

This involved all of four of them yelling at each other that each was doing it wrong, so and so is licking the knife, so and so is putting too much icing on, or so and so was putting too many sprinkles on. I thought I was going to loose my mind! But thru all of that the kids all had a wonderful and memorable time. I LOVE that we do this every year and these are going to make the greatest memories for my kids. All they will remember is the fun they had and not all the bickering. Maybe by next year I will have forgotten all of the fighting and crying too. Have a great week everyone !


aunt nenni said...

How weird that is that he has never seen snow! I remember when you guys came to visit us and Tiffany saw it for the first time. Sounds like you guys had another fun filled weekend...wish you were my mom! Ha!

danyeller said...

That was so much fun!
i love the picture of all the cookies

Anonymous said...

Is "doncha" a word?

Anonymous said...

I would eat the head off the snowman ornament. Cute and yummy!

Anonymous said...

I wish I were there. Seems like fun. Nice kitchen Barb.

Happy2bme said...