Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Liki Tiki Weekend

We spent Father's Day / my birthday weekend at Liki Tiki Village just outside of Orlando.

This was the view from our room:

We overlooked the lake and could watch people paddle boat. The resort also had mini golf, tennis courts and a playground for the kids.

On our first evening there we headed straight for the pool. Gavin and Katelyn LOVED the pool area. Water flumes, water volcanoes and an octopus.

Katelyn went down the water slide once- that was enough for her. Gavin and Ken went down the double flumes countless times racing each other. And Danyelle? She sat by the side of the pool and texted her friends all evening.

After the pool we headed dback to the room for dinner. Our room was a one bedroom with a full kitchen so we ate all our meals there. The kids slept on the pull out couch in the living room. Gavin has never seen a pull out couch before and was seriously AMAZED by it.

After dinner we went to the little park on the lake. We had to cross over a cute little bridge.

Pics from the park:

And even Danyelle had a good time although she hid her face for the picture:

Once the mosquitoes started biting we headed back to our room. I thought we were in for the night, but Ken always has other ideas. Somewhere around 11pm Ken got the kids all worked up about going to get ice cream.

So off we went to Dennys. At 11. At night. I felt like I was 21 again LOL

Ice cream, strawberry shakes and apple pie a la mode. YUM!

We spent almost the whole day on Saturday at the pool area. This time Danyelle joined in on the water slides and raced Ken and Gavin down them. Katelyn spent her time in the kiddie area.

Gavin came over too right before we headed back to the room.

After a late lunch in the room we went to the mini golf course. It was terribly hot and Katelyn and I pooped out after a couple of holes.

That night we headed up to the outlet mall for some birthday shopping for me. Danyelle also hit a milestone and got to use her debit card for the first time at Forever 21. Which of course I documented :

Then after sleeping in on Sunday morning, we packed and headed home. This resort was so cute we will definitely be going there again!!