Thursday, July 8, 2010

3rd Grade Memories

In 3rd grade I started in another new school. We moved into a new house over the summer and I was zoned for a different school. This new school had an open floor plan. Its hard to describe. The building had 2 main hallways and the library was located in the center of the building with no walls just a couple of stairs down. All of the classrooms just had partians and no doors. It was really neat I remember.

I started learning geography in 3rd grade and I can remember having to memorize the states. This was also the year that being called on to read outloud was my biggest fear. I would sit in my chair PRAYING that my name wasnt called to read the next paragraph from whatever book we had opened.

Lets see, I was also flashed in 3rd grade and stabbed a kid with a pencil. Two different stories actually.

Our desks were arranged so that 2 kids were pushed next to each other. I didnt like the boy who sat next to me because he would always pull my hair and try to shove me out of my seat. I guess one day I had enough because I took my pencil and slammed it into his hand palm side up.

I remember him screaming, I remember blood, and I remember sitting in the principals office while they called my mother. I think I claimed self defense and I honestly do not remember getting into trouble for it.

As for the flashing. It was during story time. The whole class was sitting on the floor in front of the teacher who was reading to us. I was kinda at the back of the circle of kids. Off to my side I hear David S. ( yes I remember his last name but no it wont be printed LOL ) whisper to me "hey- look at this."

and when I turned and looked - there was his you know what staring at me from a hole in his jeans.

I said to him "Your gross and I'm telling." Which of course I did.

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Eos Mom said...

Such funny stories! Poor guy whose hand you stabbed, though it sounds like he deserved it. ;-) Looking forward to next week's tales....