Monday, July 19, 2010

Gavin's 8th Birthday ReCap

Gavin's 8th birthday was this past Saturday. Ken brought home Gavin some McDonald's for his birthday breakfast and then we opened up his presents.

We ate dinner at home and we all went up to Friendlys for some ice-cream. Gavin brought his friend Cody from our new neighborhood. The boys got a make-your-own-sundae that came with 3 little bowls of toppings for them to add themselves.

Sunday we went up to the Treasure Island Fun Center to celebrate with friends and family. The kids had a blast playing all the games and winning tickets to turn for prizes.

I bought the party package where each kid had an electronic wristband to scan in front of the games for unlimited playing. How cool is that???

The kids stopped playing games for a couple of minutes to enjoy some pizza.

After playing more games and opening presents it was time for cake. Gavin chose a Rays themed party and here is a pic of his cake:

And then it was time to turn in the tickets the kids got from some of the games and pick out their prizes. Here are the boys :

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Gavin!!