Thursday, May 29, 2008


Gavin's homework assignment last night was to write a letter to his teacher telling her his favorite part of kindergarten this year.

Gavin's letter?

"My favorite part of kindergarten this year was lunch and play time"

I guess that would be about right for a kid!!


Donna said...

There are those kids who like Math and Science.

My daughter likes gym, music and art.
Oh well.

By the way I am ready to send 1/2 of your gifts for the Pay it Forward game!! i will email you for your address.

Alexia said...

Ahhh funny! My family is the odd cookie who actually likes doing school work LOL

Wendy said...

LOL!! Wesley had to do something similar. He chose gym:)

Happy2bme said...

ha ha - very cute!! Those would be my choices too. Oh, and probably rest time.

Kristi said...

Noah picked recess.