Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Love

No Gift on Earth Is Greater

No Treasure Held Above

The Joy That Comes From Knowing

A Mother's Endless Love

In Spite of How its Tested

It Grows From Year to Year

Providing Strength and Comfort

It Always Draws us Near

It Warms and it Protects Us

And Guides us From Afar

Shedding Light upon us

Like a Bright and Shining Star

And When all Things Are Measured

No One Shall Rise Above

Or be Compared in Value

To a Mother's Endless Love

Happy Mother's Day ! !

This is my beautiful Mother's Day gift from Gavin. He made it at school this week. Around the flower pot he wrote "I love you" and his name. Homemade gifts are the BEST EVER!!


Happy2bme said...

That is so beautiful!! Happy Mother's Day!

Kristi said...

Happy Mother's Day. I got a homemade present from Noah this year too and I will probably keep it forever.

Andrea said...

Happy Mother's Day!! And I agree...homemade gifts are the best EVER - they come straight from the heart. :)

Candi said...

That is so sweet. I agree---homemade is the best!

Happy Mother's Day!