Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Recap

Let's see, what did we do Friday? After Ken picked up Danyelle we had a quick bite to eat, and then it was time to go outside. Gavin spend most of the time practicing basketball and Katelyn turned on our bubble machine and chased them around for a while.

Saturday morning we headed to Gavin's basketball game. Only 2 more left in the season now. Gavin played a real good game. I love to see how he is improving each week. He got fouled by another player and got a free throw -- which he made! Again my mommy pride was overwhelming! My sister is in town from Alaska so Gavin was excited Aunt Gina got to see him play.

Saturday afternoon Ken took Gavin to a friend of ours house for a Kentucky Derby party. They had a kiddie pool set up and 2 slip and slides. Gavin was in heaven. Ken said he had a great time with all the other kids who were there and barely stopped playing long enough to eat. They finally arrived home at 10 30!!

While the boys were at their barbecue, Danyelle and I went out with my MIL for our annual pre Mothers Day Lunch. Any excuse to dress up and go out to lunch is fine by me!! We had a great time and had some great food.

Sunday afternoon we headed to my MIL's for Sunday lunch. The cousins were all there, so of course my kids had a great time playing around with them. After lunch it was back to the house for some yard work. Gavin and Ken gutted our front planter and re planted some beautiful plants.

So, that's about it! Have a great week everyone~~


Wendy said...

Thanks so much for joining in:) Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Wanted to also ask if I could get your email addy?!? mine is wesnlani at gmail dot com

Andrea said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I wish the weather was warm enough here for pools and slip 'n slides! Our grass is just finally starting to turn green! haha. :) Oh well!

Mommy Cracked said...

Sounds like a busy and FUN weekend!

Anonymous said...

Whose house?

Lisa said...

SOunds like a great weekend. Will be happy or sad when baseball season is over?

Kristi said...

Those slip and slides are awesome. We are in the discussion right now about which water entertainment we want to get for the summer.

That was so sad about the horse at the Kentucky Derby.