Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Roundup

I was so busy last week! Doing what? Since my car was still in the shop it might seem like I wouldnt be busy. But.... I was babysitting. In addition to Ethan ( who I have m-f normally ) I watched a friends son for her. Her babysitter cancelled at the last minute and I stepped in. All week. Her little guy is almost 2 years old. Katelyn is almost 2 years old and Ethan is 10 months old. Yikes! I survived the week :)

But of course by the time Saturday came I was dead on my feet!

Saturday morning we headed up to Wallll Mart to buy a pool for the backyard. Nothing fancy, just something so the kids could cool off. Got home, set it up, and Gavin and Katelyn played in it for hours!

Danyelle also got a special treat from my inlaws. They took her out to lunch and to a movie Saturday afternoon to congratulate her on completing 8th grade. Off to high school next year- yikes!!

Early to bed for all of us Saturday night and then off to my MIL's for Sunday lunch. Danyelle helped cook the asparagus- which she is getting pretty good at.
And grocery shopping later sunday evening just about completed our weekend.

Have a great week everyone!


Happy2bme said...

I got in... YEAH!! Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend.

Anonymous said...

I love baby pools-blowing bubbles.

Heather said...

Sounds like a week! I give people credit who can babysit. I had one girl last fall and I quit 3 weeks into it. I am a backup for a few people and that works out great.
A Pool, how fun! I miss having a little one in the back yard. We just have a splash one now, but they still have a blast in it!

Andrea said...

Sounds busy...but good! :) I need to set up our little pool in our backyard soon too!

Wendy said...

So relaxing:) Those are my kind of weekends! Wonder when I will get to have one? LOL!!

Heidi said...

I'm tired just thinking about taking on extra kids. You are a saint for pitching in when your friend needed it.