Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Know Alot!!

As we were doing homework the other night Gavin was getting a little restless. He really wanted to be done and was trying to go as fast as possible. This made his handwriting look sloppy.

So I told him to slow down and write the words nicely like a first grader would do. That got his attention since he is looking forward to being in first grade next year. So, he slowed down and wrote out all his spelling words very neatly. I even told him one of the words looks like a second grader could have written it.

Wow! Was he impressed with himself! Then he says so very cutely: Mom, do you know there is such thing as ninth grade?

Yes Gavin, I did know that.

Now he is impressed that I know that. And then ever so seriously he asks me: Do you think there is a tenth grade?

And when I said yes, it just blew his mind that school could go up that far.

I am glad I can still amaze him with my knowledge!!


Kristi said...

Noah spent the afternoon at school yesterday visiting the first grade classroom that he will be in next year,. He was so excited when he got home that he read to me last night without even fighting about it first.

Happy2bme said...

Ha-ha Isn't it nice that they think we are geniuses. unfortunately it doesn't last long and pretty soon they will know more than us. Soooo they think.

Stop by the blog sometime. I've tagged you.

Colleen said...

Aw, how cute! Did you tell him there is a 12th grade, too, or were you afraid his eyes would bulge out of his head?

The basketball pic is adorable, too!

Wendy said...

That is the CUTEST:) Wesley is pretty obsessed with college right now. The thought of living away from us and going to school is unfathomable to him.

Happy2bme said...

This time its me btw! Just checking things out.

Andrea said...

That is SO adorable. :) I love the questions kids come up with...well at least the ones that are easy to answer! hehe :)

Candi said...

That is so funny!! I love the way their little minds work.

By the way, it seems Lucas is better. His temp never went back up today and when he got up from his nap, he seemed to be back to his old self. I'm glad about that!!

Swistle said...

You are so smart!