Sunday, January 20, 2008

Where to Start ?

I really don't know where to start with this post. This past week flew by like a whirlwind. It started late Tuesday night when Gavin came into my rooming stating that he didn't feel good. After a quick check to his forehead ( which was burning hot ) he got some Motrin and went back to bed.

Wednesday morning came with the fever still here. I kept Gavin out of school so he could rest. He wasn't complaining of any other aches or pains, just the fever. He laid in my bed all day resting and watching TV. He also dozed off a couple of times.

Thursday he started to complain that his throat hurt. Since he still had the temperature, I took him in to the pediatrician. They ran a strep test which came back negative, checked his ears, and listened to his chest. Everything looked OK. The basically said he had a virus and it should run its course by the weekend.

By Friday night the fever was almost gone. What a relief. A relief that was short lived because by Saturday afternoon the fever was back. Now I was having a hard time getting it down. It would be 102.5 and with medication I could get it down to 101.5. The whole week of Gavin not feeling well really had me worried. It broke my heart to watch him feel so sick. Most of the time he would just lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling. He didn't even want to watch TV. He wasn't eating and I was having to force the liquids down him.

Sunday when he woke up and still had the high temp, I called the pediatrician who told us to go straight to the ER. Gavin cried hysterically the whole way there. He was so scared. Thankfully they took us right back to a room. His first temperature check was 101.8. I knew they would have to draw blood and I was dreading it. My poor Gavin was crying already when the nurse came back in. I held his hand and his head by mine and they drew the blood. My heart was breaking into a million pieces to hear him cry. Another nurse came in after the blood draw and gave Gavin a Popsicle which made him stop crying. They left the IV line in his arm just in case they needed anything else.

The doctor came in a little while later to examine him. Ears, chest, and tummy were examined, and they did another strep test. We also went down to radiology for a chest xray. None of this went smoothly. Gavin screamed and cried through it all. He was so scared. He ended up getting an IV of fluids because he was dehydrated. His second temperature check was 101.3. Not good at all and really got me worried. Why wasn't his fever coming down????

After what seemed like forever, the doctor came back. He has an ear infection in one ear and pneumonia. I was relieved to finally know what was wrong and scared to death about the pneumonia. The doctor gave us a prescription for antibiotics that would help both the ear infection and the pneumonia.

Ok, we finally made it home after hours at the ER. Gavin is finally feeling just a little bit better after a dose of the antibiotics. And finally the fever has come down some. We have to have a followup visit with the pediatrician on Monday.

This day was such an emotional roller coaster for me. I had to hide my own fear and worry so I could be strong for Gavin. He needed me to hold his hand and protect him from everything that happened to him today. He looked to little and helpless in the big hospital bed. I finally broke when we got home. I had to let all of the emotions out. I am so thankful that it wasn't something more serious. I am thankful for the wonderful ER staff that did a wonderful job with Gavin. I am thankful that my mother in law was available to pick up Katelyn for the day. I am thankful that my mom was able to come to the ER with me. I am so thankful that God heard my many prayers this morning and helped me and my beautiful baby boy through this day.


jennwa said...

I am sorry you had such a rough weekend. That sounded like a terrible ordeal. I hope Gavin is feeling better soon.

Melissa said...

Thanks jennwa

Sandy Hinote said...

Found your blog through Katie's blog. I had no idea when I found your blog that I would be crying about 2 mins later! I hope Gavin is okay.

Melissa said...

Thanks Sandy!

Donna said...

Awe, Poor little guy.

I would cry too.

Anonymous said...

I came over to say thanks for visiting my blog.

What a rough week for you and Gavin! I hope the meds will kick in quickly and he will feel much better soon!

Tiff said...

I know how scary it is to see your little one in the hospital. Mine spent a year off and on in hospital after hospital. The worry never goes away. God has his hand on your little man! I hope he feels better soon!

danyelle said...

Poor Gavin! I'm glad he's okay though.

Heaven Sent said...
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Heaven Sent said...

'm sitting here with wet eyes, knowing how horrible it is to see your little one sick and scared. I am so glad they found out what was wrong and that he is on the mend. Keep us posted on how he is doing and get some rest yourself! Sending hugs and prayers!!!


Karly said...

Yikes...sorry you had such a rough week! I hope Gavin is doing better! I HATE when little ones have to get their blood heartbreaking when you have to hold them down and let someone hurt them.