Monday, January 14, 2008

Maybe He's A Giant

Back in October I went out and bought Gavin 4 pairs of jeans for the upcoming winter. I bought him a 4T. The length and the waist were perfect. He wore them once at the end of October when we got our first cold front.

Our second cold front came at the very end of November. When I put the jeans on him they did not fit anymore. Too short and a little too tight in the waist. I couldn't believe that he grew so much so fast. I am not kidding, the jeans were too short on him and he looked like a big dork. But I had nothing else so he had to go to school wearing these. I tried to make him wear them pushed down off his hips so maybe they would cover his ankles, but he wouldn't do it.

The next weekend I went out and bought him a couple pairs of size 5T. Now these fit great. Loose in the waist with lots of room to grow and long. We are good to go.

We had another cold front today. I almost fell over when I put the jeans on him this morning and they didn't fit. I honestly thought I had grabbed the size 4T on mistake. Oh no, it was the new pair of 5T's. Too short and too tight in the waist. What is going on with this kid?? There is no way in heck I am going out and buying this kid new jeans. Nope, he is going to have to either look like a dork in highwaters or learn to wear them around his hips.


Anonymous said...

This was so so.

Jen E. (aunt nenni) said...

C'mon mom! You can't make him wear floods with his stylish hairdos! Ha!
I would just buy him one pair to have for a while until he hits a lull and stops growing. :)