Saturday, January 5, 2008

A New Game

Oh, yes, Katelyn had discovered a new game. It's called - Let's Give Mommy a Heart Attack.
The rules are very simple: Do whatever you can to make mommy's heart race, make mommy panic, and make mommy run. Sound like fun? Here's how to play:

1) Sit quietly in Gavin's closet so mommy doesn't know where you are. Giggle as you hear her calling for you.
2) When your in the bathtub, stand up and try to run back and forth. Cry very loudly when you fall and hit your head.
3) Get onto the couch and do somersaults. When you fall off the couch and land on your head- cry very loudly.
4) Climb up onto the kitchen table. When mommy sees you, try to run from her down the length of the table.
5) Get knives out of the dishwasher. When mommy sees you, throw them at her and run away.
6) Push a chair into the kitchen so you can get onto the counter. Push everything you see onto the floor.
7) Push toys in front of entertainment center. Use them as a ladder to climb up next to the TV.
8) Open the fridge. See how long it takes you to climb up to the top shelf before mommy is yelling at you.

If you do all these things often enough, it just might cause mommy to have a nervous breakdown!


Tiff said...

Lol thats sooooo funny!!!!! Gotta love her :)

Anonymous said...

What a great game! Katelyn is going to be a real thrill seeker.

Anonymous said...

I like #5.

aunt nenni said...

Lol! Sounds like you have your hands full! Hopefully she gets all her kicks now and settles down before those teen years...huh? :)

Melissa said...

Aunt Nenni, Yep, she is a hand full!