Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Top 5

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you want to link up and share your Top 5- go sign the Mr. Linky at Kristi's of The Wheelz Are Rolling .

5. As I previously mentioned, I went Black Friday shopping for the first time. LOVED IT. I got home about around noon and then Ken left to go pick up Danyelle for the weekend. While he was gone I put Katelyn and myself down for a nap.

Later in the evening we ordered pizza for dinner and the kids hung out playing the Wii. We got a great new game last week that Gavin cannot stop playing. I will be doing a review on the new game and a giveaway later in the week so make sure to check back!

4. Saturday mid morning I headed up to Michaels for some more Christmas shopping. They had the photo storage boxes on sale 3 for $5.00. Let me tell you about my love affair with these boxes. Whenever they are on sale I buy them. I have to have them. I love looking at them and filling them with stuff. Ok, enough about the boxes. I might just have to get up and go look at them again if I keep talking about them.

I also went to the grocery store while I was out to pick up stuff for Sunday lunch which was going to be at our house this week.

3. My hair!!! Oh yes. Also on Saturday afternoon I had my much over do hair appointment for a highlight and cut. When my stylist looked up my card to see when the last time I was in I wasn't surprised to find out it was June. I do that every single time my hair needs to be done. I wait and wait and wait to make an appointment until I can barely go out in public anymore because my roots are showing so bad! Now I feel like a whole new person ready for holiday photos.

2. As I am typing this all up I am realizing that Saturday was a pretty busy day. Saturday evening we met up with my in laws to go to the Festival of Trees. Hundreds of Christmas trees decorated by businesses around the city. They each have a different theme and can be purchased with the money going to charity.

Katelyn totally surprised me by wanting to be carried for most of the night. She kept saying that the lights scare her. Maybe it was a little overwhelming all the trees and lights all at once. She finally started walking on her own about a half hour after we where there.

Here are some of the trees we saw.

A pink princess tree that Katelyn loved:

A World Series tree that Gavin loved:
A Christmas in Florida themed tree:

An Under The Sea themed tree:

A white tree:

We even got our picture taken with Santa. All of us.

What a great memory!

We all ended the night up at Dairy Queen for some yummy ice cream!

1. Sunday Gavin sang in 2 of the services at church. I love this time of year when the kids choirs start singing Christmas songs. Katelyn went into the nursery for the first service we went to. She was such a big girl and walked in and said Bye Mommy. I think its the first time she hasn't cried when we drop her off there!

After church we headed back to our house for Sunday lunch. My inlaws met us here too. My wonderful husband kicked things up a notch with the hamburgers. Instead of just plain ol grilled hamburgers, he stuffed them with shredded cheese, onions, and bacon. MMMMMM bacon! They were so good I hope he makes them again.

We spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out at the house with each other.

Have a great week everyone!


Kristi said...

It sounds like you guys had a really fun weekend. I would have loved taking the boys to see those trees. I like the pink one too.

Shan said...

Those trees are great. Love the pink one.

KC said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend.. I love the whole family group shot with Sanata.. and all those trees WOW..
those hamburgers sounds very tasty also..
My weekend 5 is up now also.

Wendy said...

awesome awesome awesome!! I love Katelyn's piggy tails.

Alexismommy said...

Yay I finally got a comment!..Its been forever lol. So I will comment back...The trees are beautiful, glad you had a great weekend.

Dina said...

I love those boxes too and I had it on my list to do and forgot!! UGH!! I also get my hair highlighted twice a year because I never remember to make the appt until it is picture time or Christmas time. I need it done bad!! My bangs are SO out of control. Your hair looks nice in the picture.

NotJustAMom said...

My daughter would go crazy if she saw that pink tree!