Thursday, November 13, 2008

Good Bye Joe Bennett

Oh. My. God.

I just read on yahoo that NBC is cancelling Lipstick Jungle. I am so on the floor right now kicking and screaming and throwing a Katelyn tantrum.

Why oh why are they taking this show away from me??

More importantly- Why are they taking this away from me:

How I love watching Andrew McCarthy every week. I may have to put posters on my wall of him again if I cant watch him every week.

And oh yeah- the story line is pretty good too. I mean- this is really one good show!

Please, powers that be at NBC- Do NOT cancel this show!


Wendy said...

Oh that makes me so mad when they cancel a show that I love. This is ER's last season and it is killing me. I've spent every Thursday night watching this since I was in high school:( I never got into Lipstick Jungle, but I feel your pain!!

Happy2bme said...

Hey he looks like my UPS man Todd. You can see him when you bring me my Polar Cup!!