Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Top 5

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! If you want to link up and share your Top 5- go sign the Mr. Linky at Kristi's of The Wheelz Are Rolling .

Now, on to my Top 5

5. Friday night was our church's annual Fall Bazaar. I have been looking forward to this for months now! Katie and I headed up there about 6pm. The parking lot was already packed too. I headed straight for the toy section of course.

I got Katelyn a Minnie Mouse and Ariel figurine, a furry pink phone, a new Nemo cup, a Dora bat so she can play with Gavin when he practices Tball, and this:

I was so excited to find this bike for Katelyn!! She can reach the pedals but doesn't really know what to do with them, so she just pushes with her feet.

For Gavin I got a new Hulk bowl and plate, a new Iron Man bow, plate and cup set, a brand new pirate set that came with a sword, eye patch and gold coins.

And of course for myself I ended up with about 20 books, a brand new with tags black clutch ( for whenever I am invited to a black tie event ), a cute makeup bag, some kitchen stuff, 2 pairs of silver earrings, a pie tin ( for whenever a pie making mood strikes ) and one of these:

Seriously, it doesnt take that much to make me happy!!

All in all, some great finds. After the bazaar I headed home and spent the rest of the night playing with the kids.

4. Saturday was Gavin's Fall Festival at his school. Gavin, Katelyn, and I headed up there about 1030 am. As soon as we got there I realized that I had forgotten my camera. I couldn't believe I had forgotten it especially since we had such a fun time. Gavin started out by playing some of the carnival games they had set up. Basketball shots, Skee ball, mini golf holes, bean bag tosses, and football throws. Everyone is a winner of course and the prizes were candy. Like we needed more candy in our house. We still haven't made a dent in the Halloween bowl. They also had 2 bounce houses set up that Gavin did. The highlight was defiantly the petting zoo. Gavin and Katelyn both went in together. Baby ducks, bunnies, chickens, guinni pigs, and mama ducks. Katelyn chased them all around the pen saying " Come here cutie. Come here you little cutie!" And then she would let out a squeal of delight every single time she touched one. I really wished I had that camera!! The last thing we did was the pony ride. Gavin rode the pony around the large path they had set up.

3. Saturday evening we had a wonderful time enjoying the nice weather outside. We were out until it got dark and those bad mosquitoes came out. Katelyn got to ride her new bike up and down the sidewalk. As she was leaving the driveway she turned and looked at me and said " Bye Mommy". I asked her where she was going and she said " To the store" Oh- of course you are!!

Gavin rode his scooter around for a little while and then brought out all his Tball stuff. He set up all the bases too so he was ready for a ball game. Katelyn was ready too with her new Dora bat. After she hit the ball off the Tee - well not hit but just pushed off with the bat - she ran away from first base and into the neighbors driveway where she yelled " I WIN ". This made Gavin sooo angry because " she didn't touch first base Mom and she thinks she won". Oh well, she is 2!

They also colored with the new chalk that we got that afternoon from the dollar store.

And played basketball.

That was about it for Saturday. Both of them went to bed early too!
2. Sunday we headed over to my inlaws for lunch. Actually, my inlaws picked us up since Ken went into work that morning. He met us there just in time to start lunch. As always, Katelyn, Gavin, and Ryan played, and played, and played. They made quite a mess with all the toys today!! After lunch all the boys got haircuts from Grampie.

Ryan was first:

Chris went next:

And then Gavin:

Which will probably be the last time he lets Grampie cut his hair , since Grampie accidentally nicked his ear. Ha ha. It wasn't that bad!!

1. Sunday evening was spent outside again. This time Ken was home to practice baseball with Gavin since his fall Tball league will be starting up pretty soon. Katelyn kicked a baseball around the yard and had a pretty good time while the boys were practicing. We came inside to have brownies and ice cream. Then it was off into the bathtub and bed for the kids!

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Wendy said...

haha:) Lani holds her bats the same way as Katelyn!! Such an awesome weekend.

Kristi said...

It's so funny to see your weekend updates with summer clothes since we just got our first snow last night and I had to start the car fifteen minutes early to warm ti up this morning.

KC said...

shorts!!!!! we are bundled in winter jackets here.. LOL
sounds like you all had a nice weekend, well except for the nip on the ear LOL.. poor guy..

Happy2bme said...

Hey you forgot to mention the coffee pot you broke... LOL!! Good times my friend, good times.

S&S's kitchen is finished? Looks very nice from the part I can see. Also looks like they moved the frige. Wow what a space saver.

Andrea said...

That little bike you got for Katelyn is so cute! And Tate does the same thing...he can reach the pedals but finds it much easier to just drive the car with his feet on the ground. :)

Tiffany said...

It is funny how children get so independant when they start riding thier bike! Looks like you all had such a fun filled weekend!

Haasiegirl said...

you had a busy weekend!!


Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...


This is the time of year I recall why I'm jealous of my southern friends. ;-) Your kids are in shorts...its sleeting here. :-(

Love the story about Katelyn and t-ball. Nick often gets mad at his little brother for "not following the rules". So cute, though...

Have a great week!

HeatherY said...

I love Katelyn's little bike! My 2 year old hasn't quite got the hang of pedals either. She tried to pedal but somehow managed to tip herself over! lol!

Wendy said...

Fantabulous weekend:)

Wendy said...

Fantabulous weekend:)