Tuesday, November 25, 2008

She Didn't Get The Memo

I'm talking about Katelyn of course.

I don't think she got the memo that there is no school this whole week for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Yesterday she was up bright and early at 7am and today...... 615 I heard her thru the baby monitor.

615??? Really Katelyn? That is just way to early for me so I let her cry hoping she would fall back asleep. After crying for about 15 minutes she was quiet again for about 10 minutes. Then I heard this:

"Mommy, where are youuuuuuuuuu?"

Omigosh- her pitiful little voice broke my heart. I jumped right out of bed to go get her ( yes even though it was still before 7 ).

I saddened me to think she was sitting in her crib wondering where the heck I was.

But today I will make sure she knows there is no reason to get up that early tomorrow!!


Andrea said...

awww!! That's so cute...minus the fact that she was up before 7 though. :) Hopefully she sleeps in for you tomorrow!!

georgie said...

That is adorable....reading this makes me wish my beans were younger
Happy thanksgiving!