Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Busy, Busy, Busy. That was our weekend!

Friday night my soon to be niece Alexis spent the night. She is the same age as Gavin so they have a blast together. They spent the night playing the Wii. Boxing seemed to be the favorite of the night. Of course with any sleepover bed time came and went with no one laying down. Not even Katelyn. She was mad as a hatter when I put her in her crib. Screamed and hollered for about 20 minutes before she fell asleep. Gavin, Danyelle, and Alexis finally laid down around 1130.

Saturday morning after Alexis went home, we headed out to cousin Brandon's 6th birthday party. They had it at the clubhouse where they live so we could use the pool. The kids had a great time. Gavin learned from some of the older kids how to do a cannon ball into the pool. WOW. He was so proud of himself! Katelyn ran back and forth between the kiddie pool and the adult pool. Of course my no fear daughter thinks she can just walk right into the big pool-- as in walk off the side into the pool. After swimming it was time for cake and presents. But the best part of the party was probably the spongebob pinata. The look on Katelyn's face was priceless when all the candy a started falling out. It took her all of 2 seconds before she caught onto what was going on and started grabbing some candy for herself.

It was early bedtime that night! Gavin and Katelyn were so tired after all that swimming.

Sunday was another big day! Gavin, Katelyn, and I met some friends of mine up at a local hands on childrens museum. We were there to celebrate my friends sons 2 year birthday. I have never been to this museum before and now I cannot wait to go back. The kids had a great time. There was so much to do for all age groups.

Gavin and Katelyn got to shop in a mock grocery store:

They also played at the water table:

Made me pizza in the mock pizzeria:

Played forever in the tree house that came complete with a slide:

Lets see, there was also a pretend vet shop that had a pretend xray machine, a doctors office, a pretend cafeteria, a library, a school room, a fire station that even had the fire pole, and so much more. There was one area we didn't even get too! Our time there was over way too soon. Really, I cannot wait to go back!

Sunday evening we had my brother's family over for pizza. Again, the Wii was on!

That's it for our weekend. Have a great week everyone!


Kristi said...

That looks like a fun one. We go to them in every city we go to.

Lisa said...

Love the new layout! Doesnt she have the cutest and easiest layouts?? I had to switch mine to the 'minima' templete that blogspot does in order to get the best results, then I messed with the HTML codes to get the right colors.

Your weekend looks like so much fun. I plan on taking the kids to Wannadoo City in Ft. Lauderdale over Christmas break. That place looks like so much fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the red head in the last picture. That ws smart to get a pic of that cutie for your post. What a CUTIE!!!! I WISH I could see his cute little face!

Anonymous said...

I need copies of those pics please and I'll send you mine. I hope your eyebrows are coming in nicely :)!

Lisa @ Heaven Sent said...

What a great weekend... and what a cool museum! I want to go there just so I can play! :)

Wendy said...

What a fun looking museum. I love bringing the kiddos to places like that:)