Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend Roundup

Here's my weekend roundup- better late than never, right? Ha ha.

Friday night some of my family came over to celebrate my birthday with me. My sister bought me a yummy cookie cake. Sooo good, Thanks Gina!!

Later that evening Gavin was playing around with his slightly loose tooth wondering when it would come out. I felt it to see how wiggly it was and told him sometime next week it should fall out- it wasn't that loose to me. Gavin told me he thought it would come out on Saturday. I said I didn't think so!

5 minutes later he walks back into the room and says "Here's my tooth mom" WHAT?!?!?

He pulled that sucker out himself. And there was blood. Lots of it too! He was really excited and ran to get his tooth fairy pillow.

Of course the tooth fairy came Friday night and Gavin was Very happy Saturday morning.

Saturday evening we dropped both kids off at my mil's to spend the night. Ken and I headed off to my birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. One word : Yummmmmyyyyy. I love that place. We went with Katie and a friend of hers. Great food, great friends, and much laughter made the night wonderful.

Sunday morning Ken and I picked up the kids and made an hour and a half drive to see my brother's new house. He just moved in Wednesday and I couldn't wait to see the place. We barbequed , played horseshoes, and had the slip n slide out for the kids.

Katelyn spent the time walking up and down the slip n slide and getting in the other kids way. Very funny to me actually. We had a great time there and cant wait to go visit again.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!


Kristi said...

The slip n slide looks like so much fun. Congrats on the first lost tooth. Noah will be six next week and they are all still firmly in place. I don't think we'll lose any until way into first grade at this point.

jen e. said...

I haven't been the best at checking the blog lately...I'm very sorry. So much going on...anyways...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I never forgot, just kept getting busy and before you know it i was getting into bed. Sounds like it was great (and Yummy!)!
Congrats to gavin on the and your mom used to pull ours out too! Lol!
And congrats to Vinnie on the new pad! Good for you!
Sounds like you guys are keeping busy as, fun, fun!

Wendy said...

oh...that's an awesome slip and slide. It's so wide. My girly would have totally been getting in the way of the big kids. She thinks it's so hilarious:) Glad you guys were able to get out on your own. Michael and I are hoping for that this weekend, but we need a sitter first.