Monday, November 19, 2007

Wooohoo!! Gavin is all better. Thank goodness. I was getting pretty darn tired of running to the bathroom with him to either vomit or, well, you know! So all is back to normal in our house.

Today was Gavin's first day of vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday. He was pretty excited to be home from school to be with me while I babysat Ethan. Gavin loves kids and babies. He wants to help me do everything for Ethan, which is just super cute. I had Ethan laying on the floor this afternoon and Gavin laid down too. I hear Gavin say, "Ethan, please stop kicking me. Ethan, I asked you nicely to please stop kicking me." Poor Ethan is just 3 months old and has no idea what the heck Gavin is saying to him!!
And Katelyn? Well Katelyn is her usual self. She loves loves loves to dance now. Gavin recently gave her his old wiggles dance mat. She has it in her room and gets a great kick out of it. She stomps all over the mat to hear the different songs and bounces up and down. Danyelle also taught her how to throw her arms up in the air over her head when she dances, so that is part of her routine also. So at many times during the day I will hear the wiggles singing from Katelyns room and hear her laughing as she dances her heart away. And I love love love it!