Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Recap

Other than myself having a bad bad case of the flu, Thanksgiving was a great day. We spent the morning sleeping in before we headed over to my mother in laws for turkey. Since I was sick I didn't eat there, but took some yummy food home for when I was feeling better. Gavin and Katelyn had a wonderful time playing with Chris and Ryan.

All week I have reminding Gavin that Thanksgiving was coming and to think about what he is thankful for. I told him things I was thankful for: him, Katelyn, Daddy, Jesus, pretty skies, and cupcakes. Today after a great deal of thinking Gavin told me he was thankful for Ryan, his cousin. Well that's cute, I guess, but I was kinda hoping he would say, I am thankful for you Mommy. Maybe next year!


Steff said...

Last week, I encouraged my kids (and by that I mean students...I'm a teacher) to think of five things they were thankful for in their lives. Some of these little ones were hard pressed! Mama and Daddy made it on several but most were just thankful for toys and tv. At least you're talking to him and encouraging those deeper thoughts!

Tiff said...

I'm so sorry you were sick. I was too. And so was hubby. We both have had bronchitis and no voices for about ten days now. Thanksgiving was at our house this year. So there was no going to bed. My mom was a tad unstable (she has MS) so we made her sit down before she fell down. I didn't get the kitchen cleaned up till Sunday. LOL! I was so tired and did not feel good all weekend. I hope your feeling better now!!!

My son calls Thanksgiving. . ."Happy Thank you"

Andrea said...

Awww...being sick is no fun, but hopefully you're feeling much better by now! :) And hey, maybe you won't even have to wait until next thanksgiving...maybe Gavin will tell you that he's thankful for you before next year! :)