Sunday, November 18, 2007

Weekend Recap

UGHHH!!! Not much of a weekend recap this time. Gavin has been sick ALL WEEKEND. It started around 2am Friday morning with him vomiting all over. Yes, all over. My bed, my floor, the bathroom, himself, and lets not forget me getting splashed with it. This vomit fest continued all day Friday and Saturday. Finally around 4 on Saturday he was keeping food and liquids down.
But the fun continued on Sunday. No, no more vomit, just the other stuff. Yep, diarrhea. All day Sunday the poor kid kept running to the bathroom. Hopefully Monday is better.
But with all that happening Gavin was still in good spirits. Katelyn so far is not sick. Both kids played on the porch on Saturday going in and out of Gavins Thomas tent. The weather was good and I was happy I could open the windows.
And that is about it! Hope everyone else had a better weekend than we did!


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! I hope today has been better for you and that he is well!