Friday, November 30, 2007

End of the Week

Nothing too exciting went on this week. Gavin was back in school after the Thanksgiving holiday. He told me Monday night that he really loves going to school. After I told him that was a good thing to love school he told me that he was going to love school forever! And I thought, yeah right, give it a couple of years kid!! But for right now I am so happy that he enjoys it. I pack his lunch everyday except for Fridays. Friday is a big deal to him. First off, he gets to wear his school t-shirt. All the grades have a contest each Friday to see who has the most school spirit. You can show spirit by wearing the school tshirt or wearing the school colors. The winner gets a very big statue of 3 swimming dolphins ( the school mascot ) to put outside the class door for 1 week. Fridays Gavin also gets to buy school lunch with the rest of his friends. Friday they serve pizza and it is a special treat for him. Today when I picked him up from school I was happy to see that his class had won the dolphin! Woo hoo! This is only their 2nd time winning to Gavin was really excited. He also told me that instead of pizza for lunch he chose the pancakes and eggs. What ?!? I thought that was pretty strange, but at least he ate!

We have a full weekend ahead of us! Gavin starts Tball tomorrow. Gavin and I are both sooo excited. His team name is the Indians and he thinks that is pretty cool. This will be his first practice and he will get the schedule and uniform then.
We are also getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and putting up the Christmas lights when Ken gets home from work.

Check back Monday for the weekend recap! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Donna said...

Go Indians!!! I am a Cleveland Indians fan and live in Cleveland!

I did you tag, so go check it out!

Anonymous said...

Finally they won the statue!
I bet Gavin was very excited. The comments worked this time so i could leave you one. i will see you soon!
-Alexis =]

Tiff said...

Yeah they won the coveted statue!!! Great job!! I would have picked pankcakes and eggs for lunch too. LOL!